St. Louis OG'ers

St. Louis guys I'm in need of some help. Me and the girlfriend are going down to a blues game in the next few weeks and I need some guidance.

I'm thinking we're going to stay at the Drury Inn by Union Station. First, is this a fairly nice hotel? And second, if I remember right you can walk through the Union Station to get right to Scottrade and since there'll be a game going on I don't think the walk will be too sketchy.

Lastly, I am wanting to do the Budweiser tour, is there any sign up you have to do in advance or can you pretty much show up and be put in line with the next group going? I'm guessing they have one every hour or two?

Thanks a lot guys in advance! Any other insight or tips would be much appreciated!

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Union Station isnt what it used to be, I suggest staying downtown or at Forest Park. You do need to make a reservation for the tour I believe to be safe. Also try Gus's Pretzels on Arsenal street, great food. Phone Post 3.0