St Paul, MN

I have a friend in st. Paul who is looking for a gym to start training at. Any suggestions? Phone Post 3.0

What is he looking for? Gi BJJ, NOGI or more MMA? There's basically 3 gyms in St. Paul...others are in Minneapolis but I don't know how far he wants to travel.

- Next Level Combat (Woodbury, MN)
Offers Gi, NOGI, Muay Thai and Boxing with multiple coaches for each. Focus is more on NOGI for jiu jitsu and they are a 10th Planet affiliate with a Brown belt and Purple belt teaching classes.
Price is best in the area and no contracts.

- Spartan Martial Arts (Oakdale, MN)
A lot of focus on MMA. Train in the gi only unless MMA sparring. Have 1 coach teaching everything who is a Pedro Sauer Black belt and is a Pedro Sauer Affiliate.
Most expensive in the area and require a contract.

- The Cellar (St. Paul near campus)
Offer Gi, NOGI and Muay Thai with 1 coach for each. BJJ is taught by a Robert Drysdale Black belt and is affiliated with Drysdale.
Price is in the middle with short or no contracts.

Thx! Phone Post 3.0