St. Pierre = best mic skills

He is making new fans with his performance in the ring all the time but his honesty on the mic, sense

humour and good guy demeanor is what is really winning everybody over.

yeah i think he's my new favorite fighter. he won me over fairly squarely

How could anyone dislike the guy? GSP will end up being one hell of an Ambassador for the sport.

What I like is that he's always smiling......

I hope he starts rapping.

I like GSP, but every time I hear him talk all I can think of is the robot Twiggy from Buck Rogers... When he speaks all I can hear is beedeebeedeebeep.

He will be a great WW champion, no doubt. Let him have Hughes before BJ please. Give BJ a fight with Sanchez so that the new fans know who he is before he gets another shot at Hughes. Regardless of who wins between GSP and Hughes, BJ should fight: Sanchez, Hughes and then GSP.

It's twiki.