St-Pierre @ UFC 46

Hey guys,

Just to let you know, RUSH will be fighting at UFC 46 in Las Vegas, Nevada vs. Karo Parusian. This will be an awesome fight and we are all looking forward to Georges's UFC debut.

It's now official!

Congratulations Georges, you deserve it!

Pardon my poor french but "Fuckin' eh!"

Great news. Is it going to be on the main card? I am sure hoping it will be so we can watch the whole fight.
Go get em George.

what JHR said !!! Awesome George Congrats !!

For the Love of God it better be on the damn Pay Per View

Steph - how do you see the match-up for Georges? Tougher than Spratt?


Good job Steph.

Excellent timing for St.Pierre. I think it's a tougher fight than Spratt for a few reasons.

Georges will have the striking and strength advantage. Their ground game will be similar in terms of submissions but I give the edge to Karo.

Throws go to Karo but Takedowns to Georges...Georges is miles ahead in terms of wrestling.

Experience goes to Karo, both in terms of fights and being in the Octagon already once.

One major issue here will be Georges strength. He'll be able to control Karo fairly well, but for how long. If this fight goes long, nobody knows how long George will last. I believe his longest fight was with Thomas Denny, and that was only one round and a half.

It's a great time for Georges to keep his stock rising, but this is one of the most dangerous fights for him to take.

And truth be told, I hope am wrong...:)




Hey Bad Boy!!!