Stacked Shooto card for May!!!!!

these are the Class-A fights confirmed so far :

Rumina Sato vs. TBA

Takaharu Murahama vs. Kenichiro Togashi

Kentaro Imaizumi vs. Jin Akimoto

Mamoru vs. Hiroaki Yoshioka

Stephen Paling vs. Hiroyuki Takaya

Jutaro Nakao vs. Akira Kikuchi

Looks great.


"Stephen Paling vs. Hiroyuki Takaya

Jutaro Nakao vs. Akira Kikuchi"

Those are two SWEET fights. Go Nakao!


Paling vs. Takaya has potential to be a great stand-up war. These guys will both come to strike.

Nakao vs. Kikuchi will also be a very interesting fight. Nakao should be very determined, considering the fact that a good win could put him in line for a World Title fight in the very near future. Kikuchi is a young gun who will definitely look for submission.

Imaizumi vs. Akimoto is the match that I pick to be the most exciting. Akimoto is an experienced and skilled veteran while Imaizumi is just electric. I see this fight going back and forth until somebody gets caught.

I think Ivan Menjivar in the 65KG division would be a great fit.