Stamford/Norwalk CT schools?

Hey all,
I have a buddy who lives in that area and is looking for good training. Does anyone know a club in the Stamford/Norwalk area of Connecticut? My friend is a top rated triathlon athlete (has finished in the top 10 in the Hawaiian Iron Man). He is interested in training for MMA. Do any of you know good schools in that area?  The particular base style (Muay Thai, Sambo, BJJ, etc) is not as important as the quality of the gym and instruction.
Any suggestions you could offer would be great!

I thought Igor and Rolles Jr. taught twice a week in Stamford...

Link :

The website does not say anything about the club...

Igor and Rolles are Black Belts. Call the Renzo Gracie Academy for details,

Anyone know about this place?

I moved from the Norwalk area out here to Hermosa Beach CA 6 yrs ago...smartest thing I've ever done in my entire life.

Sorry to not be of much help.

We are in New Haven, CT about 30 minutes north of Norwalk/Stamford. I have several students who drive from Norwalk. Drop us a line if you need more info and good luck.-Brad