stand still whilst a bear runs at you?

I would have tried to run, he has some bollox on him!

Why wont my youtube videos embed ! dam it.

  I would have tried to run, he has some bollox on him!

you my fren would have died. flee and the bears prey instinct  starts stand and look like you'll fight  preservation instinct kicks in.

Not only that he had his hand casually on his hip.

Don't know if you watched that Swedish clip agentzero but I don't think things went as well for those two guys.


How do we know that wasnt a bear the guy raised just runnin around playing?

Because of the scary music.

I was just out with my dog in the bush a couple days ago. I was maybe 3 miles back on a trail and was about to turn around and head back, when I looked over to my right and about 15 feet to the side of the trail there was a large male bear. He looked at me, I gave him a dirty look (because I give anything that looks at me a dirty look, it's just how I roll), my dog didn't even bark he just looked at the bear as well. Then we went our separate ways. No biggy.

 I know you should stand and not run but seriously i would forget and either stand and shit my pants right there or run.

Maybe he has raised him. Still

It's a good thing the bear understands Swedish.

when i worked at a servival-camp we used to chase black bears away by banging a pot and pan or blowing a wistle...but brown and grisslies where meaner.......

 I am oddly aroused at your use of "whilst" in the thread title.

FYI, carry on.

 Depends on the bear.

 i would run too after hearing that scary music.

If it's a man bear pig your doomed!

DoneIn30Secs - 
LittleMick - 
dommyracer - Having said all that, I would run as fast as I could with the shit streaming out of the bottom of my trousers.
A bear can outrun a horse.

 can run faster, swim faster, and climb fast than even the posters on the og

that's bullshit, a bear probably can't bench 500lbs, squat 800lb, have a supermodel girlfriend, and dl 1klb like the average oger can.

Damn!!! That does take some balls. We all know we cant outrun a bear, but to fight that flight instinct is a lot easier said than done. I dont think many of us would have the stones to keep our cool like that.

 as long as your with the camera crew it does'nt matter if you can out run the bear, you just have ot out run the camera man.

I once watched a nature program where this Norweigan guy would get within 20ft. of Polar Bears.

He did this buy walking in a kind of drunken/stumbling type swagger. They said it basically mimicked an agressive Polar Bear's stance.

The other Polar Bears would actually start to run away as this kook got closer with his "drunken bear walk"

So, I do believe the advice of standing your ground with the bear is your best bet. Cuz running/climbing/swimming just ain't gonna cut it!

"if its black, fight back, if its brown, lay down"

if it's white you're fucked?.....I mean...not alright....?