Stand-ups in Freestyle?

One rarely sees Folkstyle Wrestling stand-ups used in Freestyle Wrestling as escapes, but how difficult are they to pull off in Freestyle Wrestling as opposed to Folkstyle Wrestling? Would the fact that your opponent could lock hands around your waist while you are in a par terre position make it more difficult to use the stand-up? Or does it really not make too much of a difference?

I have never been daring enough to defy convention and incorporate stand-ups into my Freestyle game because of the way that they give escapes points in freestyle and because I figure that so long as I survive for 15 seconds or so on the ground that we'll be stood up. But recently I've been thinking about whether or not the fact that a person's opponent can lock hands around one's waist would make it more difficult to use the stand-up.

If anyone can provide any insights, it'd be appreciated.

Sometimes if your timing is right, you can stand up and get away with it. I hit a stand-up once, as my opponent began to attempt a lift from the side. So, i guess a safer time to execute a stand up, is when your opponent begins to initiate his move from on top.

Suplexman, you said if you're timing is right, sometimes you can get away with a stand-up...well, why would you not be able to "get away with it" at other times?

When you stand up, you leave yourself open to get thrown. I have seen folks stand up right off the whistle, as they would in a folkstyle match, and get thrown for 5 points with a belly to back suplay. If your opponent locks around your waist, and you stand up, you basically are making his job easier, because you load yourself up for the throw. In folkstyle it wouldnt matter as much, because you cant be thrown too hard, and your opponent would not be awarded points for throwing you, unless he has lost control and then thrown you.

With the newly proposed FILA rules though, par terre wrestling will be cut down signifigantly. The rules are geared towards keeping most wrestling on the feet. Watching the finals in the Sunkist Open, I didnt not see anyone placed into par terre once, the only time there was wrestling on the mat, was after a takedown.

Thanks for the analysis Suplexman. Can you tell me what the new proposed rule changes are? Hadn't heard anything.

I heard one of the Brands brothers used to hit standups in freestyle all the time, just because he was too stubborn and competitive to lay there until the ref stood them up. His opponent's wouldn't expect it, and half the time, he would stand up, spin into them, and score a takedown himself before they knew what hit them.

It helps to be totally psycho, I think.

You can lock your hands in freetyle. Anyone with a decent gut wrench would love for you to try to stand in freestyle. Like others said, you can get tossed or lifted for turks, etc. etc.

I was never a freestyle wrestler, but most of the guys on my highschool team were. We wrestled freestyle rules all the time. Stand ups are fine when you explode, set your hips with hand control and break their grip. Just like in folk style.

A great move to work from the stand up is... hell, I dono what to call it, but you lock your arm around their elbow and drive your shoulder to the matt... turn and you're on top. Hard to explain, kinda like a jap wizzer but on the outside of the arm.