Startling statement @ MMA on MaxBoxing story

The author of the story, Gabriel Montoya, is pushing for universal and mandatory PED testing of all boxers and is critical of the lax proceedures in place now. This sentence really jumped out at me:

"It’s much easier than questioning why Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer not only gives out therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone but why he gave a talk before nearly 300 fighters in the UFC about how to get one for themselves."

Before an MMA vs boxing war breaks out, he's equally critical of the lax (or lack of) testing standards in boxing. It's NOT an MMA bashing article. It does bring up some really interesting points. This is another one that stands out to me:

"If we leave it to the commissions to upgrade testing, we might as well admit we are waiting for the Doomsday Scenario. What is that? It’s a ring death coupled with the survivor testing positive for a banned substance followed by a possible federal investigation, congressional hearings and ultimately government oversight of our sport."

He points out a couple examples of fighters who've been allowed to compete despite positive tests and one big "Money" fighter who's failed THREE preliminary tests and was contractually allowed to fight anyway. Here's the whole article. If you haven't read the other parts, I'd recommend them as well.

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Gabriel Montoya does a great job exposing PEDs in the world of combat sports. Always love reading his articles. Thanks for the post.

Glad someone read it. Phone Post

So, no one finds it odd that the NSAC is basically coaching fighters on how to skirt the rules? Phone Post