Stefan Struve vs. Andrei Arlovski

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Struve fighting like his arms are six inches long.

Andrew winning a lot of these scramble. I’m a little surprised. I thought Strive would have the advantage there. 

fuck you, herb, with your hard warning shit, take a fucking point!

PelosiesPanties -

Struve wanting out. Wtf? 

Struve was done a few years ago, but this is over, just retire. he hasn't have it anymore

Close fight. 

AA 29-28

I have never understood how after all these years Struve hasn't learnt how to use his range effectively.

I remember back when he was fighting in England and people were talking about how good he could be if he fought using his range. 10 years later and the same comments are being made.

You would think his coaching staff would work with him on this stuff.

Struve was really disappointing. 

Not a good fight

Struve looked like shit in there. He needs to be cut. He barely through any punches in 3 rounds with that huge reach advantage. 

Who did that to Andrei’s nose? Anthony Johnson?

best AA has looked in years