SteinerWear distributors?

I figured I'd try this out...why not right?

I was wondering if any academies are interested in carrying & selling SteinerWear gear. I currently work with ATT down here in South Florida, and I am now looking to expand our availability further west & was curious if you guys or someone you guys know is interested in setting up a distributorship with SteinerWear.

I have sent out some gear to some academies before, but that didn't work out very well....If you guys need some feedback or references about the gear....just let me know. And you can always check out the website too.

Thanks A Lot Guys!



Thanks Madman

You have mail....Thanks NHB

e-mail me at,i am very interested in your line of gear...Dirty Harry

Hey Ron..some guys at the gym liked the one i brought to Puerto Rico (i bought from you at AFC last Saturday) me at with info..thanks

Sure thing Nelson....I'm glad you enjoyed the AFC...its always a great event


Thanks Kieth....I might be able make that IronHeart fight....good luck big guy

LOL...No Joey,

But I used to eat lunch with Scott Steiner when I was in chiropractic school in Atlanta....Steiner is my dog

Email address:

SD Jones- What is up bro? Anyways i have become good friends with Ron Steinerwear and his company, and know more about him than the everyday forum vistor/member. I think before you judge someone you should truly get to know them or understand them. While I have been working on my charity Steinerwear was the VERY FIRST to contact me, and offer me advice and help. After about two days of talking business we started to get to know each other. I can see where he is coming from. As he stated that he posted on that thread because he lost his father. My main question is do you know why his company is named Steinerwear? It comes with a strong purpose that means a lot to him.
I have nothing against you at all dude. I dont come on here and try promoting myself, my academy, or anything that involves me. I come on here to advertise my charity event that is coming up for St. Judes. It is to benefit the hospital, NOT benefit me. I had you on my threads critizing me about the event, my judgment, my experience, etc. Which isnt cool bro. I have never once believed in trash talking people on here for doing something to better the community, world, or the art. I have trash talked guys like Manny Reyes on here, but that is about it. What Ron Steinerwear is doing is not bad, evil, or pointless. His company means a lot to him for various reasons, maybe you could get to know him as a person and his reasons without pointing him out to everyone on the forum as a bad guy through a thread on

Robert Fearless Goat Mrotek



ttt for steinerwear

TTT for Ron and SteinerWear!!!


Thanks so much you guys....this is what makes me enjoy what I do so much....thanks again everyone