Stephan Bonnar Kicked Out of Gym "Wake up you sheep"

You’re a shit poster so I don’t really give a fuck what u think and we’re never going to be in the same vicinity so no need to project being bitchmade online.

Since we disagree on masks, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart, I prefer YOU wear a mask for years and years. I really do. I hope 5 years from now you’ll be the only one wearing a mask. I’m glad we agree you should wear a mask for years.

I think we should wear masks for years. I saw a Chewbacca one that’s quite fetching. I also have one that’s like the jokers smile.

You’re such a shitty poster I wouldn’t hang you on my wall.

Every time you put a mask on, think about me thinking about how tough you are.


Fuck masks especially in a gym. I never wore a mask for the flu and neither did any of you and now I am supposed to even though I am vaccinated and healthy???

Wiggum your wrestling knowledge is a ok but your sheepiness is not. Everyone in this country has access to be vaccinated and if they choose not to be that’s on them not me. They can get vaxxed or stay inside but not my problem if they choose not to do either.

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Sounds sexy

I agree that the time to take masks off will be either 1) herd immunity or 2) when herd immunity only cannot be achieved because of people who refuse to vaccinate.

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For those who get it, it should not be. For those who do not get it, it should not be. So no, I don’t realize.

Ironically, those who fight masks are only prolonging the duration of its requirement.

The dumb don’t know they’re dumb.