Stephens: Oliveira has a weak chin

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                                Stephens: Oliveira has a weak chin

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                    <p>At this weekend&#39;s TUF 20 Finale the card will showcase plenty of women&#39;s fights in the new strawweight division, but co-headling the card is an interesting match-up between featherweights Jeremy Stephens and Charles Oliveria. For his part, Stephens is confident and believes he can finish Oliveria, whom he claims has a &#39;weak chin&#39;:</p>

"I'm more dangerous and deadly.  I feel like I've got the skills to pay the bills with this fight," Stephens said.

"I don't want to get too overconfident, but I definitely feel like this plays right into my ballpark.  This is an MMA fight, not a grappling match, and I feel like I win in all areas.  If I touch his chin, he will go to sleep."

"I see things in his game where I feel like he's not going to be prepared for something like that. I have the same amount of power in the first as I do the fifth and this is only a three round fight.  I'm hungry.  I'm chomping at the bit.  I'm looking to finish this kid," Stephens said.

"I feel like his chin's weak, I feel like he's mentally weak and I feel like I'll break him as soon as I start cracking him."

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Stephens better hope his TDD is 100%.

Big fan of Charles but I think Jeremy KO's him

Love me some lil heathen, but Charles I reckons got this one.

But then again I've been betting on the wrong side of the W column for a long time.(except ruthless the fucking champion made me a mint) Phone Post 3.0

I don't know about that. The only time he has been KO/tko'ed was against Cub and Cerrone. Both of those guys can put anyone's lights out. Phone Post 3.0

Card - Stephens better hope his TDD is 100%.

True, Stephens has been subbed out in the past by grapplers not as good as Charles.

Plus it's a small cage... so that favours Oliveira