Sterling Confirms He Will NOT Be Fighting In March Due To Illness

Who Will Be Headlining 285??

Omalley Vs Cejudo for the interim


Legit or not, this guy is a piece of work :rofl:

Either milking the title stretching it out as much as possible by fighting as infrequently as possible or he has some of the worst health luck for a champion.

Between the way he got the title, the shady judging he’s benefitted from, the one-armed man he fought last, Aljo has had the absolute perfect storm of shit to remain champion.

It’s pretty lame as a fan of the sport but at the end of the day good for him.


Fuck yeah !

Sterling legit earned the belt that 2nd time but everybody knew he would be a joke of a champion and barely fight.

It’s great they are moving fast with the interim title.


Would love to see Henry clown that clown.


Here we go again…he needs to relinquish the title and can have first shot when healthy if he’s injured for another year. They talked Jiri into it, should be no different for Sterling…actually should pertain even more to Sterling given he just sat out a year.

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Settle down. He just fought in November. A champion fighting twice a year is doable.


At least its not heavyweight where we’ve had one title fight a year for the last 4 years.


Omalley dont want that fight. But with an interim belt on the line he might take it. Not sure if this is the direction the UFC goes, but first Sterling said he wanted a break, and now all of a sudden might need surgery to repair a torn bicep? I can see UFC doing an interim with Henry

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None of those things are his fault. It’s not his fault petr yan threw an extremely illegal knee. It’s not his fault the judges saw him as winner of the second fight (I scored it for sterling as well). And it’s not his fault TJ did the shit he did.

Hope this illness isnt something terrible.

I said it was a perfect shit storm, I never said he caused it.

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Sorry. That sounded more shitty than I intended. Wasn’t arguing with you. Was talking further on the points you made.

Definitely a crazy streak.

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All good.

Aljo’s only guilty of leaning into the heel stuff and openly talking about not wanting to fight often as champ.

But I don’t wish ill on the guy and also hope nothing serious is going on with him!

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Sterling is a great fighter but yes he is beyond boring as a champion. Maybe frustrating is the right word

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He’s like Dominic Cruz. Great fighter. Injury prone and it stalls the division. I like him but it’s just getting annoying.

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I actually agree with this dork about something.

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Funk aljo.

His pal Merab beat aljo all day.

Let cejudo beat Osmally

In march there is Vera Vs Sandhagen

Aljo to fight one of them in July

If aljo still has the belt(38% chance) after he returns he has to fight Vera(if he wins) or Merab

He didn’t say he had an illness shit for brains. He said he has a torn biceps. Get your shit straight