Sterling/Yan II looking likely for November or December

Who takes the rematch between Sterling and Yan?

Sterling is going to find a way to puss out before this fight happens Mark my words


Yan was dominating their first fight, so I’m going to say Yan takes the second one convincingly. Some killers at BW but I don’t see anyone in that division beating Yan for a while.

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2 of them equal one Frances lol.

Are you kidding?? He was not dominating the whole fight. He definitely was down on the cards, aljo started to gas was and started to fight sloppy but he was by no means ever dominated at any point in that fight.

Fight was likely 19-19 after first 2 rounds.

Yan dominated round 3. If Yan didn’t throw the stupidest strike in the history of a title fight, round 4 would have easily been a 10-8 round if Sterling didn’t get KO’d before the end round 4.

Are you really trying to say Sterling wasn’t getting destroyed in round 4?

Dominating the whole fight was a poor phrasing. The first three rounds were competitive, but here’s what I saw: Yan winning on the feet, Sterling struggling to get takedowns, Yan getting his own takedowns (debatable as Sterling may have “wanted” to be taken down).

I might be a poor judge because the main thing I remember from that fight was the end - Sterling kneeling to avoid getting hit. That’s a pretty sad look in a championship fight. I think that flavored how much I thought Yan “dominated”.

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Oh man I hope this fight happens and Yan judo throws J.Lo right through the mats. I lost all respect for Sterling after that bad acting.