Steroid Testing on TUF?

 I have a seemingly basic question--

Are contestants on TUF tested for banned substances?  Or do they not since the fights are only exhibitions?  If so, are the results disclosed? 

TUF has had 3 seasons with 32 fighters and 6 seasons with 16 fighters.  That's 192 fighters + replacements, so probably right around 200 fighters. 

Doesn't it seem likely that someone would have tested positive at some point?


The do test and people have tested positive. There have been several people who were given spots in the house and then they failed the drug test. I can't recall any names off the top of my head but there were several of them.

Per previous reports, they test once up front - before the competitors get to the house. Those that have failed, don't get on the show . . . but rumors have leaked out about those that failed tests.

The only one I can remember was Jason Macdonald - he was rumored to have been picked for TUF, but failed a drug test. He subsequently got into the UFC and passed tests before fights.

I thought the banned substance tests went along with the medical clearance.

Maybe I was mistaken.

 Thanks guys, so it sounds like they are tested but the UFC does not disclose the results?

I never said they should or shouldn't.

But it's clearly not a private matter, the commissions disclose all fighters who fail drug screens in regulated MMA events.

They wouldn't want to smear the names of mma's "future champions" before they get the chance to campaign hype them and put them on a couple ppv's.

Of course once they've been shoved down mma fans throats and get caught for doping it's drama and drama is good for business.

i think i have read before that burkman failed a test for season 1 or 2...not sure what season he was on..which i assume he later passed all testing.

Burkman was supposed to be on season one but failed his test.