Steve Erceg is somehow getting a title shot at 301

3-0 in UFC
12-1 in MMA

Biggest win of his career is the current 58th ranked fightmatrix FLW, Matt Schnell.
Second biggest win of his career is the current 50th ranked FLW, David Dvorak.

As if Mighty Mouse in ONE, Horiguchi in Bellator and RIZIN and Askarov in ACA didn’t hurt the UFC FLW division bad enough they pull this stunt.

Yet another reminder, not all title shots are created equal in the UFC.


The kid from Family Matters??? Well it is 125 so kinda makes sense


Mighty Mouse, Horiguchi, Askarov, Ougikubo, Pacio, Kerofov, Dodson and others being in other promotions and Cejudo and Figuiredo up at BW and Erceg not having to beat any of them or Taira, Elliott, Almabaev, Ulanbekov, Mokaev, Kape, Nicolau, Albazi, Royval or Moreno all had to happen for this title shot to come about.

No wins over top 10, top 20 or top 30 ranked fighters, not even one? No problem bro, here is your UFC title shot.



Matheus Nicolau went 10-2 in the UFC and KOed Schnell right before Erceg did and all that earned him was a fight with Royval and now Kape.

Australia and New Zealand is a big market for UFC now so losing Volk and Adesanya as champs UFC has said here, ok another Australian guy, lets see if we if we can increase the odds of getting a title on him, tilt the table a little bit, we like that market. Brazilian title shots are a dime a dozen for us, we don’t need another one of those right now.

Even Till had to go 5-0-1 in the UFC to get a title shot and Hardy had to go 4-0 even if two of the wins were SD’s.

No top 30 wins and a title shot…really incredible stuff here from the UFC.

Schnell is 7-8 in the UFC and thats who UFC calls the 11th ranked FLW in the world.

There is a price to pay when you don’t have Mighty Mouse, Horiguchi, Askarov, Kerofov etc… in your FLW division and I guess that price is having the 58th ranked FLW in the world at 11 in your top 15 rankings and then giving a fighter a title shot off a win over him.

Its because hes other reason.

Same reason jdm is getting a title eliminator when shavkat should be getting the title shot

Mokaev should be getting this shot

Their shitty undeserving aussie champions have all been exposed and they are scrambling to find someone else that will lose them money

For whatever reason they see australia as the anti-thesis to the post-soviet takeover and they are hell bent on forcing this trash on the fans .

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-Shit division

-Someone has to fight the Brazilian champion in Brazil

-Best available option since Mokaev looked like garbage

I mean he’s 12-1, its 125 so theres like 15 total fighters…

Im a put some money on him. I hope hes a huge underdog

Time to get rid of that little man division

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Get rid of 125 and get rid of women and the UFC would improve in magnitude


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It’s not surprising… Erceg got the shot because guys ahead of him in rankings either

A) have fights booked already

B) turned title fight down due to Ramadan

C) are coming off multiple losses/already lost to Pantoja multiple times

It essentially came down to Erceg or Tim Elliott

Top 15 FLW

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Ecreg is 3-0 in UFC,

Meanwhile this Jap is 5-0 in the UFC


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Royval and Moreno have both lost to him already and Mokaev and and Albazi are both boring as fuck.

Lets be real, the reason Erceg is getting a shot is because everyone knows he will take it to Pantoja and fkn scrap.


If mokaev wins the belt I won’t consider that a 3rd UK belt for current (Leon/Tom)

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Shut the fuck up

You are only dickriding him because hes australian