Steve Miller?

He's the boxing instructor over at Pat Burris's club in Moore OK. Has anyone heard of him by chance?

Some people call him the Space Cowboy. Some call him the Gangster of Love. Some people call him Maurice.

Sorry, TTT for a real answer

If he's a big, bald dude, about 50 or so, from Fort Worth, then I know him well.

i thought the same thing hackett

lol @ hackett, knew i should have put something about not meaning the band. Cool, if that's him OneRoundBrown, is he legit?

If that is him, he does have a background in boxing. He also was a professional wrestler. He was known as The Monk. He also has some acting credits. You may have seen him in the horrible movie "Tough Enough," starring Dennis Quaid. He was one of the last opponents that Quaid beat. (Incidentally, Quaid's final opponent was played by Ernie "Big E" Smith, who I know quite well and is an entire story to himself. Maybe another time.)

The Steve Miller I'm talking about used to have red hair until it started thinning. He stays shaved and bald now. I would prefer you confirm that it's him first before I give you more details.

Suffice it to say that the one I am talking about is a bit of a character.

Wow this sounds exactly like a Steve Miller I know except this one is out of waterloo,Iowa.He has boxed on ESPN a few times in the late 80's and has also done kickboxing and mma.Bald red headed guy about 50