Steve Nelmark 2 and 1 in UFC

Too bad he will only be remembered as a Tank victim.

Yeah, sucks for him.  I once ran into Phil Benedict, the wrestler who got beat up by Renzo in WCC.  I said, hey man, aren't you Phil Benedict?  He's like yeah, I told him, "I seen you fight before", he said, did you get to see the fight I won?  I felt kinda bad and was like "Oh nah, I just saw the fight against Renzo"?  I'm sure he knew I hadn't seen his win that night, but he just wanted it to be known that he DID win a fight.

ACtually in the WCC event they did show Bendeict's fight that he won.He fought some guy who was really tall yet still had a gut who was supposed to be some Toughman champ from the south.Benedict shot in for the takedown immediately and the guy grabbed the fence to avoid the takedown but Phil still pulled him down and choked his ass out quickly.

As for nelmark I have both of his wins on tape.I believe one was against Tai Bowden and one was against Marcus Bossett.Tai Bowden is another guy who couldn't seem to get a break in the UFC but before the Tank fight nelmark looked to be a potential tough guy

I remember one of my friends said Paul Varelaans had a glass jaw. Varelaans may not not have been a great fighter, but the guy had anything but a glass jaw. He took some brutal beatings by top guys and didn't tap.

Paul Varelaans was a bouncer at a local strip club back in the day..

My bad, I have no recollection of the WCC airing Phil's fight on the ppv.  Did they show the whole thing from the introduction and everything, or just flashback to the alternate bout?


Green Whale,they showed the whole thing in it's entirety.Rewatch the video.It's not that long at all

Maybe Nelmark can make a comeback and fight Tank again. Or feed him to a TUF guy.

TTT for Nelmark..