Stevenson not getting cut after loss to Danzig

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                                Stevenson not getting cut after loss to Danzig

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A quick punch from Mac Danzig left Joe Stevensonr flat on his face, and the knockout was his 4th in his last 6 fights. Prior to the fight, his opponent Mac Danzig felt it was a “win or go home” type situation for their match-up in Montreal.

Now with Stevenson on the losing end will he get a pink slip for Christmas from the UFC?

 says not so fast, but some tough decisions have to be made.

“We like guys that fight," says UFC president Dana White. "We like guys that come in and lay it on the line. Joe Stevenson’s had a bad run, it’s so tough to cut a guy that comes in and does what he’s supposed to do, and he’s one of those guys. He got knocked out trying to knock (Danzig) out tonight. That’s what happened.”

“We’ll see what happens with Joe Stevenson. I respect him, (UFC vp) Joe (Silva) respects him, we like him and I wouldn’t say he’s getting cut, no.”

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I think Joe needs a break personally. That guy has been fighting non-stop since like 99. He's gotta be burning out a bit.

 16/KOTC hes a veteran and deserved of a lifeline

he must also tickle the balls

Hong Kong Phooey -  16/KOTC hes a veteran and deserved of a lifeline
Like Mark Coleman got?


 Why cut him when you can just re-sign him at a cut rate?

Joe is a legend....why cut him? he will be the champ!

I hate that as of the last year any time a guy loses now it seems like we have to consider he may be cut. If a fighter is talented, puts on good fights, and puts asses in seats why cut him even if he does lose a few.

Was kinda afraid he was going to get cut, glad I read this.

 He is fucking butt sauce, needs to be cut ASAP

Joe Daddy is always entertaining. Glad he's staying. Phone Post

It's only his second loss in a row and the only time he's been KO'ed since his loss to Jens Pulver 11 years ago. This loss to Danzig might even be considered a little fluky since it was a pretty odd punch to get KO'ed by.

Joe'd just beat Nate Diaz and destroyed Spencer Fisher before the loss to Sotiropolous. I don't get why there should even be a question of his being cut.

Stevenson vs Lauzon makes sense. Loser leaves town.

dropping to FW would help him but i doubt he can cut an extra 10 pounds. his days in the UFC will be numbered if he loses his next fight.

I wasn't expecting the Mac KO like that.