stevenson vs sanchez

ok i tihnk the ufc should put season 1 winner diego sanchez vs.
season 2 winner joe steveson, i think the can make good money off the
fight and sell it well , but i think steveson would beat sanchez , and id
be willing to pay to see that , what is everyone's opinions on that fight

I agree! It is a good matchup and should make for a good fight. Hopefully, they'll build up Joe and then have a build up toward that.

Season 1 versus Season 2!

i would also like to say jason dolder is weak and ill tap him anytime.
jason if u read this , im coming for u in like 3 years.

Good fight. Diego would win IMO. To agressive and skilled from the bottom and the top. After seeing Cumo fend off Joes ground game, i dont think it would be a stretch to say Diego would be more successful in that area.

stevenson by bodyslam after bodyslam