Stickgrappler appreciation thread

thanks to the poster who's contributed so much knowledge to the TMA ground

I'd throw you a VU, but dang you sure don't need none


*puts left palm to right fist*

Sorry for late reply - was on family vacation and back late last week, slowly playing catchup

Thank you and I'm deeply honored.

VU for you

you deserve it

Kyokushin Rei, OSU!

have a VU anyway

deeply honored and feel undeserved, but thank you!

VU returned!

Big ups Stickgrappler!


VU Si Hing Stick!

GM all, I am undeserving! Trying to do my part open minds up to the TMA.

Thank you one and all and a round of VU's for everyone!

round of VU's again!

too kind, sir