Still a Wes Sims fan!!

that's right..i'm still a fan...Sims showed alot of heart and guts out there...keep your head up and we know you'll be back better than last you said...what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!!

**insults and rude comments need not stop here..make your own thread for that**

*runs off to make own thread*

thank you

*looks for SLYBOOGIE's thread*

that's right...keep moving ladies

Yeah, Wes is such a character that he deserves another shot. I think he would make a good undercard fighter for a couple fights, especially if he is matched against other strikers. Good undercard matches for him would be Ian Freeman, Bobby Hoffman, or even Pedro Rizzo.

thank you redskins fan for adding some insight onto the thread..and realjoker...sims would be dangerous for mezger but the legend would find a way to win...which will not be the case for your boy against The Punk!!!

ttt for Big Wes!!

ttt me too.


that is indeed true meathook...toughness and heart are things that some of the top fighters lack...he will continue to learn and get better...he's still a relative new-comer to the game...he will be a force for years to come...just you all wait and see!!!


You are missing the point.

As of right now, with his current SKILL level, he doesn't deserve to be in the UFC.

He needs to go back to the smaller events and work on his game. With less and less fights being aired each card, Sims has no business being there.

He was a really nice guy when I met him at UFC 45.

well maybe he'd get better if he was had the ability
to learn... i don't think that's going to happen with
kevin randleman teaching him anything

even though he is a tard.he does bring much needed excitement to the ufc.

He's exciting. Wes Tank would be cool.

I still don't get where you guys saw all this "excitement" and "heart". He got tooled badly in every facet of the game.

mr tomato have not reason to talk...i saw you get handled at the last pride!!

of course your still a fan. if you were a fan then not a fan because he lost, that would make u a tool.