Stipe upset that he wasnt offered Interim title fight

Thats right…the guy that got KO’d and lost the title is upset he wasnt given a shot at the interim title.
Says he doesnt want to bitch and moan about it though, as he bitches and moans about it.
I like Stipe, but after he held the belt ransom for a year or whatever, then got KO’d and lost the title, he should jump back in the ring and get a W first before making anymore demands.

“Even if I wasn’t able do it, I would have just loved to be given the opportunity. I think I deserved it. But I’m not gonna bitch and moan about it.”

Stipe has been unhappy with the UFC for years and I’m not sure anyone gives a fuck. I got like 2 million things I’d do before reading or listening to Stipe bitch about his employer in 2021.

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I like Stipe but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about how he feels. Either retire and be a full time Fireman or shut up and take another fight. You don’t get instant rematches or intern belt fights when you’re coming off a BRUTAL KO loss


This guy has been a malcontent for years. I was a fan after that first Dos Santos fight. But I gave up on him quickly.

Anderson got an immediate rematch after a long run. That is the only one I can think of though; coming off a KO loss.

Lol I was waiting for somebody to post something like this. It isn’t just recently, dude has a history of basically just complaining all the time. Nobody wants to be around a guy like that, it sucks the energy out of the room. He seems like one of those people. I’d love for him to shut up and either retire or just fight.

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Aldo got fucked over and maybe a few others, but Stipe is one that I don’t feel bad about. He’s annoying as fuck.

Aldo was offered McGregor (albeit on short notice) so I don’t include him in my “he got fucked” list anymore. I don’t know if DJ was not offered a rematch and that is why he went to One or if he just left on his own but if he didn’t get offered an immediate rematch he is at the very top of my “that is absolute fuckery” list.

Oh I was unaware that Aldo was offered a rematch, had no idea. Yeah I agree about DJ and I think he was going to ONE anyways, but I’m not sure if he was offered one.

Aldo got offered a rematch but it was very short notice, was not the fight they wanted to do.

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That is kinda bullshit.

He was offered a short notice rematch against Conor but it wouldn’t be for a title since Conor wasn’t willing to cut to 145. Short camp, higher weight and another loss at the time wouldve completely fucked him.

When aldo was the most dominant 145 champ of all time and wanted to fight Pettis to become a 2 weight champ the UFC demanded he drop the 145 belt for a chance at the 155 one which was lame as fuck. Seems like everyone but the UFC wanted to see that fight happen

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I like Stipe but you can’t get a title after being koed. Win a fight and then maybe.

Forgot they were gonna make Aldo drop his title. Look how they have let everyone else go for that second title since then.

Stipe loves a whinge.

I do remember the Aldo-Pettis situation. What a fucking joke that was. Ridiculous way to treat your reigning 145lb king.

I am aware of the details; but the bottom line is that if Jose wanted that one back he had a chance to make it happen and said “No”. I still think he got handled poorly.