Has anyone else noticed that stitch has been MIA. Anyone know what's going on with him? I honestly don't remember seeing him since Burt Watson left. If this has been discussed, sorry I've been out of the loop as of late. Phone Post 3.0

Wondering the same thing. In for answers... Phone Post 3.0

209ESE -

Doesnt he have cancer?

Fuck I hope not!!! He's one of the coolest kats around man..he's so old school he makes old school look new Phone Post 3.0

Everyone I watch cars with my son (which is a lot!) I always think of him when I hear/see ramon Phone Post 3.0

Probably still doing his job elsewhere but in Boxing. Phone Post 3.0

Did he not retire? Some cut man retired recently didn't they? Phone Post 3.0

Probs doing the Guerrero fight Phone Post 3.0

Cotto was fighting tonight.

Saw him working one of the boxing matches recently. Think it was Amir Khan's corner. Phone Post 3.0

He's still around, but you won't see him in the UFC anymore.