Story of a guy who fought both Fedor and Datsik!

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Before glossy UFC broadcast from Rotterdam with a few Russians in the composition (05.45 at the "Match TV") to find out how it all began. Levan Lagvilava second opponent in his career Fedor Emelianenko, colorfully told about bites fingers, skinheads in the subway and the young Theodore.

Fedor in MMA debut in 2000. It was the organization Rings, battles conducted in Tula, dim room with a video camera filming the same dim light. Martin Lazarov - the person with whom shared the ring for the first time Emelianenko, was killed in a car crash in 2010, the year. And Fedor four months after the fight with Lazarov fought Levan Lagvilava. We found Levan in France in the waking state and questioned, looked like a second professional fight Emelianenko eyes of his opponent. And what is MMA in the zero years.

Who is Levan Lagvilava

- I started wrestling in the city of Sukhumi. My father took: my children, and in the yard, and the school is well fought. It takes a few years later - karate. When you're 13-14 years old, you watch all these movies about the east, about China, and you want to repeat. Georgia seceded from the Soviet Union, and almost immediately allowed to karate, although I'm still a little surprised underground karate. Children little older than me doing illegally. I even remember how he once studied with swindler: the coach was a former boxer, read a book and began to teach. And I also loved to read, got a book about karate, wushu about. And when about Kyokushin read, I began to realize that the coach who teaches classes we do not know a kata, or motions of some. Just a swindler. In karate, I reached the black belt, and then in vogue fights without rules. In Tbilisi, there was a section that I was the second one who signed it.

The first major battle lost to Georgian. He was a former wrestler, and I decided to take the shock technique. Deuce broke, broke his brow, then we were on the ground. Here I was psychologically difficult. 22 years old, ten thousand spectators.

Why Levan had to fight with Fedor

- It was spring of 2000, I was invited to go to Tula Yekaterinburg train with soldiers, and there was Fedor. Managers had the idea to make the tournament: the Georgians against the best fighters in Tula. Everything has been agreed, all the documents were. But then my friend came and invited me to speak in Minsk. I refused, saying that there is a trip to Ekaterinburg. A friend began to ask: "Come on, we do not have enough soldiers." He wanted while manager himself to make a name, and he needed someone to bring. Agreed.

In Minsk he won. But there I was fighting with Max Konikovym, it is no longer alive, but then he was a champion in boxing, sambo, jiu-jitsu. Max knew me, I had the tournament in Moscow strangled for 54 seconds. He smeared with Vaseline, so I was not able to transfer to the ground. But still I knew that I catch him, and in one moment when I fell, it struck me kicked in the head. It is generally not allowed there, so I did not even defend himself, and he hit. He later apologized, but his shot was something, a strong blow. I have a concussion. He asked for 20 minutes to recover and reached the final. At the end I won. The shaking was stronger and I also first to Moscow by train drove, then in Tbilisi by the plane, and when you have a concussion, it's desirable to do something.

Georgia became ill, I was removed from the departure to Yekaterinburg, went the other guy, he met with all struggled with Fedor, practice. Came, he says: "Oh, nothing special, so the average men."

I have one and a half months and was not restored until the end, I was told that you can not speak, but I started by a little train. The guy who went for me, met in the hall, and he was a healthy, Georgian wrestling champion. They began to fight with him, I caught it on the pain, keep, say, "Knock." He says: "No". Me: "You will be hurt." And there was pain in the knee, well kept, well and went on principle. And then he would say that I would not be able, or even something like this.

The knee had something clicked. It turned out that I took him from the tournament. The idea, now would you could talk to him. He would fight with Fedor. They told me to go to speak, I did not refuse, but knew little preparation. In Pogodin (Fedor Emelianenko's manager at the time, fights organizer - "Match TV") had the idea to make the tournament "Champion of Georgia against the best fighters from Tula." And it so happened that we were all in the team champions. In boxing, wrestling, one was even a sumo champion, however, according to Amateur. Champion Karate. I was the only one who won the tournament in the grid on fights without rules. Then they just made out well in Theodore that he can become what is now. They prepared him for fights in mixed rules, and now the opportunity to check it out with the person who won the tournament in such fights. We decided to put it to me. Shaking I have not departed, zero training. But I do not want to say that would have won that fight.

What were the MMA in the zero years

- We fight in the organization of "Rings". To be honest, there was originally the first battles were like theater, like wrestling. Some battles were real, some treaty. Then they began to lose viewers and began to change the rules: put a small glove, allowed to hit in the face. Immediately after that, many stars were beaten. American Dan Henderson came and tore it all (already in 2012, the year Dan Henderson won the fight Fedor Emelianenko at the joint tournament Strikeforce and M-1 - "Match TV"). Rules "Rings" at the time were not the toughest. Hard were the rules in the UFC in the first tournament. I do not even have a contract in Georgian. It is written that you can not only spitting, biting, poking at his eyes, squeezing his throat with your fingers and beat the spine. There was even a kind of insurance contract in case of death during the battle.

The fight with Fedor was in the room of the circus, in Tula. Spectators came more than 5000, it is even today will be good for fighting. Disguised themselves where usually in make-up artists. I even remember how I warmed up: there was a circus rolled mat and he looked like a great pear - well, a bag for strikes. And I beat him and warming up, and just Fedor passed, and I did not know him. That is seen as a picture of his opponent, but most have not seen. It is now preparing for several months, and then I asked the manager with whom I fight, he says: "You're a fighter or what? You go to fight - means you do not care to be with someone. " And when Fedor passed me, I noticed that he had not even warmed up and was normal. I wondered: just a quiet guy was. I thought: this is it, perhaps, with me will fight !?

What was the fight Lagvilava - Emelianenko-

We have to fight, you can see that I judge counts the knockdown - Now this is not. Or, if we go beyond the ring (the ring for this reason that I hate), the referee pulls the rope where we fall out. If As for the rope five times, the referee in the ring moves us to the center. These were the rules of the organization "Rings.

"Throat Fedor at one point I took a good, usually when taking on this method, fights often ended in 40-50 seconds. This strangulation I always work, but Emelianenko took me judge. He had to put us in the center in the same position, but the Lithuanian judge, and he promised in Tula, which is good help, which will also be tournaments "Rings" in Lithuania. I took Fedor, and the referee says "Stop" and starts to fight again. I think I have a chance minuscule, there is one, and deny it.

When Fyodor rack first time I was attacked, immediately fell to the left, and the effect of concussion returned immediately. In the battle, if you are beaten, you fall, and you go on, as it will. And then for me it was unexpected that the referee started counting the knockdown. There were no knockdowns, I just wanted to take the fight to the ground, not give Fedor put a tighter shot counter, he could knock me out.

The orchestra was the most dangerous moment for me, when I became a pain in the arm to do. I'm just very elastic, and went out. Although, when the pain did Fedor others, all across. I have a second version of the video from the tape, we'll see that my arm in a position such that it is difficult to even imagine. A second critical moment, when he is sitting on top on his stomach and began to choke me housing. He took his head out there, and I understand - I can not breathe. He squeezed hard and broke, very much, I'm with such power had never met, although he was in such situations.

But they had little space left arm, and I took the oxygen. I just completely relaxed, because you usually capture resist contrary, quickens the heartbeat, oxygen should be more, and there is nowhere to take it, and you give up or go to sleep. And then I little by little began to breathe, he released his grip and started to just beat the stomach, according to the spleen.

Then I took the leg, Fyodor began to walk away, but I could keep pace. And we once again raise the rack. Why? I in fact took Achilles! The judge made a lot of mistakes, but I'm not mad, because Fedor is very strong, and it is no judge could handle. Just at the time I had this idea: why help Fedor? And so he wins. Now I would have gladly accepted help. would help me.

Eight minutes later, I fought with dizziness, stayed until the end, as best he could. But when the judge took me with Fedor and returned to the counter, I lost interest in this fight. And I was tired, and the judge did so, and the shaking was back. When I knocked, it was already evident that I do not want anything from this match.

They pay us then I think about two thousand dollars. Something like 1000 1000 for the victory. And in Georgia, the normal salary was around one hundred dollars. It turns out someone ten months for the money to work, and I'm eight minutes in the ring stood. That's all.

Why Emelianenko respect just about everything-

Although I was dissatisfied with himself and was unprepared, this fight me anywhere in life helps. Whoever asked about my wins, wins, all interested only in this fight. As far as I know him more than a million people watched. Fedor became so famous that I raised his celebrity. And the fact that I lost - and who he is not lost? And when they learn that I am against Fedor fought eight minutes to react like this: "Oh-oh-oh, then you're good." This fight is revisited many times - at work. Now I work in France, in the club, the chief guard. And there are people that drink, fit, ask me is whether or not I am. Include this fight on the phone and asked to explain. Fedor is very famous here. People might not know the president, country, city, but Fedor know. And it is interesting just to talk, to touch, because I fought him.

Many fighters met: in the Netherlands, when practiced in other countries. Above Fedor, Fedor longer. I myself am not very big for a heavyweight, then was 94 kg, Fedor was 106, but it is not in his appearance, he is physically very strong. He's stronger than he looks. Two-meter and more strong guys I freely brought down to the ground, and Theodore did not happen. He has the power not to build muscle, not those that you rod pumped to a large volume and a natural physical strength in it. Endurance reaction.

After the fight, I was sitting right on the scene, did not go in the locker room, not even dressed, I sat down in the hall, was the next fight to watch. Suddenly I feel like someone came up from behind, bent down, hugged, said: "Thank you for a fight." I look - it's Fedor. I was so pleased. Usually, when a fighter wins, he does not care what's wrong, he goes, rejoicing, and Fedor found it necessary to come up, thank you. Immediately it became clear that a good man. It may not only face stuff, but still soulful.

People like Fedor, very little, and I wish him the best of luck. I hope that he will win. I support him.

Why is not the Internet video battle Levan Lagvilava - Vyacheslav Datsik
- I have a terrible bout with Vyacheslav Datsik (known MMA fighter remembered for inappropriate behavior during a series of fights - "Match TV"). I, unfortunately, no one gave a video, and so there is a fight, and that Hollywood has not seen. He bit me, beat the eggs, we fell through the ring. It was, it seems, the year 2000, September, I guess. It was called "Studio 10" on Tverskaya. I was a member of the national team of Russia on fights without rules, the vice-president was Yuri Kobylyansky and president - actor Alexander Inshakov. Datsika I saw at the World Cup. There he fought Belorussian, Georgian dance dancing. I think how I'll fight this clown? Do you want to fight to hold, and he is satisfied. I ask him why he does so, he said that this show, he has to entertain people for him. And I'm not an actor, I stand to win. Long refused, saying that to anyone, with the strongest damn it, but not with him.
We discovered this area. The room was small, square-force 50. The ring size is probably two to two. It was a five-storey building, on the third floor and everything was done. Everyone who came, thought it would be a play, and it was necessary to show that it is really scary, real fights. Datsik something did not care about the rules. When our battle began, he even did not get up in the rack - just ducked, like in the movie "Predator" opened his arms and came at me. The fight was a terrible, he told me in the groin began to beat, and in the end caught my finger and biting.
When Datsik began to violate the rules, the referee, I say, "Three violations, it is necessary to remove the ring. Or I was also going to break the rules. " I say: "Do what you want." And began to clean a street fight. Datsik started to run, to fight, then he could not. When I told him the pain in the leg did, he hit me in the forehead with the heel. And there was a friend of mine, with whom we have trained together. He is very angry, would have to intervene. I say, "Wait a minute, I'll see what I'll do it." In general, I had slipped between the ropes, clamped in a trap, and he stood on the ropes, and just started to hit his head. And he has nowhere to go. The judge also said that all possible.
I wanted to face him raise a hand, to how to get there in the back, and then he gave me has just bitten finger. Bite and does not let go. Well, that cap was on the upper teeth. The judge began to beat him in the face, so he let go. He let go, I started to finish it, and then, apparently, my friend could not resist and also hit him and knocked. Datsik, said after the fight did not remember anything. I counted the win. When this fight done cutting and steel twist it as a promotional video, people went in bulk.
As promised Lagvilava bandits pick from a couple of people
- In Moscow, I lived for a year. Then were not popular MMA, from Moscow traveled to Brazil to Japan, but a lot of money was hard earned. There were some prospects, and we are with Yuri Kobylyansky the subway went. I was told that it will be possible in the future to make good. But in Russia at that time I was very bad in the street. Moscow has more than a bandit, I lived in Dzerzhinsk, where constantly there were some gang violence and shootings. My neighbor was killed. Beat, hung on his belt and also wrote that hanged himself. I was still relatives said that it is better not to get anywhere, because they see that the athlete - shoot. Who wants to fight with the athlete? I thought I would just live and train, no problems, no one would notice me.
And it turns out, all-all noticed. It was the day the city came to me, "Who? What? Let's get acquainted? "Then they started explaining what it is, they say, our city, that visitors are not like that here it is not necessary to start their own business. I say: "I'm just an athlete, exercise, do, I'm not interested in dismantling". Well, they still start to me something of their own. I say: "Look, I'm not bothering anyone, and do not want to be touched. I'm not Superman, one bullet every put, and you can shoot me, but do not forget, I have no weapons can two or three people to take to the other world. Who will be the first to rock the boat, and it'll take. "
And then they were told that everything is fine, you say, a real man, became the first to greet from afar. But anyway, this whole atmosphere was pressing, and I decided that I will not stay.
Once in the subway was an option. Two skinheads Man in heavy boots. They fit a drunken man, and something begins to explain them. They sent him. He did not understand, they pushed him, he fell to the floor, and one with his foot on the head mawashi - on! And yet - it is chopped off, one is jumping on the head, the other on his stomach. And do not stop. I see that he already went black blood. And then I went without registration, and clung to the police less, read a book or carried with him, and constantly wore sunglasses. I sit, not rock the boat, but I see that guy killed. I think the conscience torment. Everyone else just sitting and watching. I get up. "Let's stop. Beat and that's enough. " They at me, but I got it in the rack and say, "Come on, you'll blow the brains." They fled.
Guy raised, I put on the bench, and he once woke up, came to, his eyes misty. I decided to disrupt the emergency brake. I think he will break it now, the police come, I will catch, and I without registration. And it woke up and apparently it is something imagined. He says: "You beat me." The answer is: "I saved your life," but already there in the car people who have recently entered, they saw that the guy I keep it covered in blood and screaming 'You hit me! ". It is good that a girl immediately stood up, began to speak: "You bastard, he saved your life, you are showing a finger on him." In general, I did not wait for the police, ran out of the car and did not look back.
He returned to Georgia from Moscow, then moved from Georgia to Europe, there are many where he lived: in Belgium, in Holland, in Germany. I wanted to go to the US, has already brought the channels, but the injury manifested itself. There were problems with the cervical vertebrae. In France, where fought strongly aggravated the injury. Hands shiver began to run, his head began to hurt, doctors said that if I continue to fight, in a wheelchair finish life.
My depression was tough, with seven years in the sport, and now you say that. I gained almost twenty kilograms. And I was told that you can not do even swimming. Only you can walk. Doctors in the end I have three years of life so taken away, put on some kind of narcotic drugs to remove the headaches. And then I just realized that I had just from their head and hurt due to habituation. And just I took it and started training. I think it's better to disabled will or will not do.
He began to struggle again, but changed the style of the attacks was the defending champion wrestler. And I came to the surgeon, showed in training that I can, and say, "Well, if you'll prooperiruete, I can still do?" The doctor was in shock, he did not see someone with such injuries like I did. Go, says home as soon as finally closes - then come. And I was training and I train.

"Now I work in France, in the club, the chief guard. And there are people that drink, fit, ask me is whether or not I am. Include this fight on the phone and asked to explain. Fedor is very famous here. People might not know the president, country, city, but Fedor know."

The great Fedor!

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"After the fight, I was sitting right on the scene, did not go in the locker room, not even dressed, I sat down in the hall, was the next fight to watch. Suddenly I feel like someone came up from behind, bent down, hugged, said: "Thank you for a fight." I look - it's Fedor. I was so pleased. Usually, when a fighter wins, he does not care what's wrong, he goes, rejoicing, and Fedor found it necessary to come up, thank you. Immediately it became clear that a good man. It may not only face stuff, but still soulful."

The soulful Fedor!


I was sure this was about Arlovski, who got KO'd by both men


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Lick Brown Boners - I was sure this was about Arlovski, who got KO'd by both men
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Lick Brown Boners - I was sure this was about Arlovski, who got KO'd by both men
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