Strained disc?

Hi everyone. I've been having back problems for almost 10 months now. It stared when I upset something in my lower back by twisting my spine and cracking it. It eventually got better. I then accidentally lifted something too heavy with my back. Same thing, waited, it got better. Then I did an inclined foot press on a sled with 400 pounds, and a very strict, rigid back form. It got to the point where I felt pain even walking around, or if I sat in the same chair for too long.

Went to a chirophractor. They blamed it on 'subluxations'.

Went to a physiotherapist. They said it was probably a strained disc.

Have any of you had strained discs? How long did it take to heal? Are you 100% better now? What was it that caused it to become strained?

Be careful with that strained disc. It can lead to a ruptured disc. If that happens, it will be a long recovery. Take some rest time. Heal it up. You won't regret it.


Subluxations as described by chiros probably are not real. Back pain can be difficult to diagnose as to the specific cause often. It could be muscular,ligament,disc,etc. I would see a orphopod who does a lot of back work for a better diagnosis. As long as you are not having radiating pain down the legs you are not in any danger for the most part