Strange Pain

I get this pain once in a while but this morning it was really bad. It has to come from rolling because on the occasions that I get it, I rolled hard/long the night before or two nights before.

It's a stretching feeling in my sternum, it feels like my sternum is being pulled apart. It doesn't feel muscular or internal, it feels like stress on the bone/cartilage itself. It doesn't feel like a break, more like a deeply exaggerated stretching of the bone/cartilage.

I have had it before and have heard a pop in my sternum, then the feeling subsided for the most part, and other times it just goes away.

Has anyone ever had this sensation, and do you know what it is?

You may have detached some cartilage along the sternum. It's not uncommon, but I've heard it can become quite painful.

I'm not sure what the usual treatment is these days.

Could it be this?