"street fights"

A couple days ago I went to Sam Goody and bought Ghetto Brawls,Worlds wilidest street fights 1 and 2. On the Ghetto Brawls its mostly black people fighting and most of the guys on there talk sh*t rather than fight, it seems like the girls are more down to fight than the guys. The last fight clip on there is a girl who supposily ratted on a fellow gang member, so members of the gang catch her in a car with 2 other girls and a guy, and it's his car there in. A couple girls start to jump her while she's in the back seat and at that point she's getting punched,hair pulled. A couple more girls are trying to pull her out of the car and at the same time 3 guy's climb on top of the car and start jumping on it putting huge dents into it.The guy who's car it is trys to get them off and remember the girl in the back seat is still getting beat up.She tries to lock her self in the car but the driver unlocks the door and the mob finally pull her out. There is atleast 20 to 30 people surrounding the car,once she gets pulled out about 6 girls are beating her up then all of a sudden a guy comes from the side and sucker punchers her right in the face. She falls and gets stomped on but some how gets up but then they start to rip off her clothes. Finally she falls again and is getting pounded and the video starts to play the sound when someone is dying, what I mean by that is when your in the hospital and that ziggly line goes straigt that sound. Then it ends,trying to give you the impression they beat her to death.

The moral of the story, dont be a rat

IS there anywhere I can get this on-line?

How about the moral being if you wanna be a "tough" guy (or gal) and be in a gang, expect the same kind of sh*t you probably delt out to someone else at one time....
Couldn't the driver just pull away?

I hate fights but seem to get into many. People just don't like me and insist on it. It is fine butI am sick of these fuckers. Last one was easy, he was 45. although he was a mutha, he broughtit hard, i had a few bruises. but I ended with a strike to the throat. i didnt want to but he left me no choice i fell and he was above me, in good position i might add, he even had my left arm pinned under his knee. but he tried to choke and i got afraid and serious and hit his throat. i hateed it for days. i felt guilty but he deserved it i guess.. i feel bad after fights.

I have Worlds Wildest Streetfights 1&2.To me they were not worth the price but I didn`t buy them,my girlfriend did.If you like to see Tits & Ass then go ahead and buy them.About the girl in the last scene,there is no doubt that she took a beating,but right when the tape fades out,you can see that she was still in decent shape.

I laugh my ass off when I watch those..but that girl did die

the producers of those films must have made some decent $

Hey Joker, Jeremy installed a great wet bar in my basement. That kid can't fight but he sure can work a rachet set.

that girl was far from being in decent shape People have posted she died

There's T&A in the Worlds Wildest Streetfights 1&2??

I have the dvd if u want to borrow it.


I have the DVD.Im not saying that she didnt die.She was taking all kinds of punishment and was still moving around.All I ask is you watch the DVD and judge for yourself.


The DVD is loaded with T&A.I think it was their marketing strategy.However there is not much T&A from the girls that are fighting on the DVD.Only a quick titty shot of when the girls are chicken fighting in the pool.

$10 at best buy bro.

Two titles that are far better:

"Fights: A Bare Knuckle Video" & "Fighting Mad"