Street Ippon

Just wondered how many - if any of you Judo-ka had used your Judo throwing skills in a real life confrontation?

Specificaly a good clean, head over heels throw, and Ippon if you will?

What was the situation, did it end the trouble?

My friend once (in 6th grade) did a deashibarai on some kid who got rowdy. The guy didn't go head over heels but landed pretty hard and fast on his butt (yuko or koka maybe?). This was enough to break the guy's fighting spirit but my friend added a few punches to his temples for good measures.

He was a brown belt last I heard. Not sure if he is still active in judo though.

Osoto Gari when I was attacked by two men at my job. I work security in some rough parts of town. The first guy I broke his nose with a mitsubush (I think that's how it is spelled). His friend I Osoto'd into the street breaking 4 ribs, and knocking him unconscious. I held the broken-nosed guy down with an armlock (sambo mount style) until the police came. All told, they were in the hospital for awhile, then went to jail. ;)

i use the shit on my ole lady all the time.. if that counts.

i used it a lot in Jr. High. shouldnt have, but did. the results were usually pretty damn effective. id say way moreso than a ny punch or kick i could have delivered.

used it a lot as a barback/bouncer in the clubs i worked when i was younger too. it helped a whole ton then, just knowing how to move people and get them off balance. few times i picked people up pretty damn high, but that was rare.


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"I use the shit on my ole lady all the time.. if that counts"


Had a guy snatch $20 out my hand, hit a quick osoto, he didnt make it too far.

There were three situations that stand out for me over the last 15 years of police work:

1)(My personal favorite) I was working undercover narcotics one evening when I got a call of a burglary in progress. Luckily, I found the suspect walking down the street, big guy. I ordered him to take his hands out of his pockets, but he refused, probably because I looked like some scrot bag with long hair. In any case, I grabbed him with a traditional grip, fired off a low taiotoshi. I didn't realize that my supervisor had snuck up behind him and also grabbed him. I threw them both for double ippon. Swear to God truth......LOL.

2) I got confronted by a very big Tongan Gangster one evening during a police/gang member riot. The guy refused to get down on the ground so I rushed him and fired on a kosoto gari. Took both his feet off the ground and he landed hard knocking the air out of him. The rest of the gang saw that and never messed with me again.

3) Working in a county park one evening and stumbled upon a drug deal in progress. Two white guys and two Latinos doing business. One of the guys tried to get into his pockets. I grabbed him and ordered his hands out but he refused. I put my police nunchukus on his wrist, which he didn't appreciate.

He told me he was going to punch me if I didn't take the nunchuks off. I popped a wicked deashi and took him straight to his back, but the little fucker bounced right back up and punched me in the face. My nunchukus went flying. He then rushed me and got my head down while he tried to yell at his friends to help him kill me.

Luckily, he was wearing a heavy parca so I took a traditional grip, and pounded a drop seoinage right there on the gravel. He flew so high and hit so hard, two of the four guys ran away. The 4th guy put his arms up and said, "Man, I don't want no part of that."

I ended up getting the full mount on the suspect, slapped his face to get him to turn over to his belly, sunk in a hadaka jime and put him to sleep.

Interesting sidenote, my back-up didn't arrive for 6 1/2 minutes. Thats a long time to have to fight for survival.


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lol double ippon!

Nice stories judo dog!

While bouncing of over 5 years I've got a few:

1)During a brawl at a college bar I worked out, we were squeezing about 15 people through the doorway at one time, as I stepout the door way...some little beer monkey jumped on my back and attempted a halfassed choke. I grabbed his arm and stepped back and snapped him to the curb with a seiho-toshi, deffianty Ippon, he rolled around on the sidewalk for about 5 mins before the cops showed up and dragged his dumbass into the car.

2) While working in the College bar I was splitting up two guys on the dance floor (which was raized about 4 feet) another of the guys buddy's to a swing at me, I just intended to duck, but the dude was so gassed he leaned over the top of me, so when I came back up, I sorta kata-gurma'd him not only right over me, but over the railing of the dance floor as well.

3) Same bar and scarest one was when this big guy with tard strength was punching another guys in the face, while holding his hair. The other guy took about 5-6 unanswered shot to the dome and was out on his feet and I seroisly feared for the guys life. I attempted to seprate the guy that was holding his hair and doing the punching, he jsut kept hitting him , so i kneed him in the face once which busted his nose, blood allover my brand new jeans!! But it did little more than daze him. So i then pryed his fingers off the guys head, I know I popped at least one of them. He was still holding on so I switched to a drop waki-gatame on his elbow (I tried NOT to bust it)there was a slight pop and I finally manged to get him to let go. By then another bouncer (who was crowed controlling at this time) helps me drag this guy out the back door. Once we get him out we close the door and walk back in beacsue there was still the unconsious dude on the floor and still a bit of scuffling and smack talk going on. We got about 10 feet and I hear this Smashing/shattering sound. The dipshit we just through out just kicked and walked through the glass pain window that was next to the door. He takes a poke at me and I just duck, waist lock and push him back throught the door, I finally get him agsainst a wall out side, where I try talking him down he seemed to calm a bit and when I back off he takes another swing at me so I duck again then get behind him, kick his leg out and choke him with a hadaka-jime. He goes to sleep in about 3 1/2 I drag him to the curb , as the cops show up. I smack him on the back and wake him as the cops start to cuff him. Thank God I knew one of the cops from a class at the college. They pat him down and find a good size bag of junk, which they thought was pcp at the time, which would explain why he never felt me busting his nose, fingers and elbow, before I put his ass to sleep. I also thank god that I never got sued for it, althougt the got that got KO'd charge that fool anyway, not to mention my boss gotem for the window too.

I've had more, none as Ipponish as those. A few while out being stupid myself w/ friends, that I keep locked up.

"I've had more, none as Ipponish as those. A few while out being stupid myself w/ friends, that I keep locked up"



yea.. i worked in bars for a couple of years. i was never hired as the "bouncer" but rather the "barback who just took care of shit near the bar".. in all honestly, bouncers only handled shit that happened in the crowd. i handled all the shit that happened at the bar. people tossing glasses or bottles, guys who slapped women or grabbed our female barstaff, whatever. it isnt the size of the dog my friend. its the bite.

besides, when you have some big-ass guy who is 6'5 and 250 coming through the crowd there is a lot of collateral damage. i dont think i ever caused a single innocent person to get hurt, not once.
it was fun while it lasted, but im very happy those days are over.


Judo is wery underrated on the street..I have seen people get knocked out for minutes with a judo throws.

A couple of my students at Tulane Judo Club were bouncers at a big club on Bourbon Street. They always had a good story to tell.

One of them was 6' tall and weighed all of 73 kg, the other was about the same height but closer to 215 lbs. Both were/are black belts.

The skinny guy was attacked outside of a convenience store Uptown near Tulane one afternoon. The store is on a very busy corner, but some guy jumped him and put a knife to his throat, demanding money, shoving him up against the side wall of the store. Judo guy did a very hard and fast Waki Gatame and destroyed the perp's arm, left it handing like a broken stick. Guy ran screaming away about how his arm was broken.

One night at the club, a guy was pissed because the barkeep was slow to bring him change. So he dipped into the tip jar, counted out his change. Skinny guy (same as above) catches him after barkeeper starts yelling and screaming during the counting process. Guy runs out of the bar with the money. Skinny guy gives chase (the guy can run forever, bad move...very long legs). Finally, the perp,who turned out to be a US Marine, can't run anymore, turns around, rips off his shirt and charges the skinny guy (the Marine was a body builder type, apparently). Skinny guy does pure Judo, drops into Tawara Gaeshi, rolls through to Tate Shiho, and chokes the guy out in a few seconds.

Myself, I tossed a couple of guys in high school who wanted to see what Judo was about. As I was a short skinny nerdy red head, they thought it would be easy. Nobody got hurt, but they never bothered me again.

I used Judo more in soccer than anything else. We used to play one team that had a couple of very dirty players. One asshole broke my nose in a game. I footswept him a couple of times, second time disclocated his shoulder. And no, I didn't get carded.

Ben R.

shoulder dislocated from a throw? or Ude garami?

lol@ soccer judo --
probably from bad fall.

Soccer and judo - my two favorite martial arts!