Stretches for headkicks?

Anyone know the best stretches to get flexible enough to kick high for head kicks and such? Thanks ahead of time

For me partner stretches but I've gotten the best results just by keep on kicking higher little by little. Phone Post

Heres a video that I use.

kick more

Look into PNF stretching.

 Good ole kicking.

I have crap flexibility these days (used to be able to do the splits when younger, but I can still land head kicks on guys taller than myself. Go figure.

I used to be able to do a suspended split (off two chairs). Today, I'm like a foot from a full split, but my head kicks are still there from kicking the heavy bag, shadow sparring etc. No magic tricks or super secrets, just keep on kicking and trying to kick higher as you go through your workout.

Don't just focus on the splits, you need to stretch you entire lower body and core.

Stretch your hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, quads, and groin.

I find using dynamic stretches before training and static stretches after work best for improving flexibility.

Dynamic flexibility can improve just by throwing more and more kicks along with the regular leg swing (front, back and side) stretches.

I can only do a side splits about a foot off the ground, but if you look at my avatar, I can kick pretty high with my dynamic flexibility.

I need massive help in this dept.I cant even kick higher than low chest level.

Bas talks about while standing straight up doing the splitz or as close to it as you can in front of the tv or something, and over time you'll go lower and lower til you can do the splitz and Phil Davis said that's what he does Phone Post

What helped me was facing a wall while sitting,spreading my feet and then laying back flat eyes facing the ceiling,it really opened my hips.

I just kick more often, and that seems to work best. I do bend-over stretches, which stretches the calf muscles, and those help alot. Lotus seats help, too, you should look those up. Phone Post

I like to stretch all day whenever I get a chance after training. Whatever I'm doing, I'm standing with my foot up on something nearby.

Stretch lower back and legs daily (15 min a day).