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I have had a problem with kicks since day one.  It is so bad that I have difficulty getting much higher than mid-thigh on a roundhouse kick.  And forget about a side kick.  Anyway, Stadion's pamphlet described exactly what the feeling was that I have.  Here are excerpts. 

When the limit is reached, they feel that there is a "stop", accompanied by pain in the outside hip or upper thigh region that prevents them from opening their legs very wide... 

The pain and limitation of the movement sideways in the side (straddle) split is caused by the spreading (abducting) the thighs without tilting the pelvis forward.  This tilt unwinds capsular ligaments of the hip, among them the pubofemoral ligament that in a normal, non-flexed position would resist excessive abduction and would also, during straight abduction, push up the neck of the femur into the cartilage collar at the upper edge of the hip socket... 

The forward tilt of the pelvis realigns the hip joint so its ligaments relax, the neck of the femur does not jam the cartilage at the upper edge of the socket, and the greater trochanter fits into a space behind the hip socket...

That's what it is, not anything tight on the inside, it's a dull thudding stop on the outside.  Now, in the interest of economy I am going to try to get the proper advice here.  What is this proper tilt?  I've tried tilting forward in a fashion similar to, well, you know.  But the effects where nominal if at all.

Or, if not able to explain here, is the $50 video by stadion worth it?  They seem to know what the feeling is that I have and say they know how to fix it. 

Here's a link that I got their info from.  (PDF Format)

I have the same problem too. the only problem is i don't have the $50 to go get this vid sadly (Student who is skint and does not work)

Anyone got this video and kind enough to share the tips/excercises with me?

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Order the book Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz, that's the guy who runs the video is ok, but honeslty, I don't think it's worth it, the book has all of the same info and you can take it with you while you're working out.

I used his method and my kicking height and overall flexibility increased dramatically.

Suhweet.  Did you have the tight inner thigh problem or the stabbing, my bones are slamming together problem? 

Help? ...........

does that mean im not worth helping?


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I was really tight in my knees, had hella trouble just touching my toes. It still hurts, but I can do it now.
Basically the backs of my legs were incredibly tight,
I did get up to a full side split for quite a while, then I hurt my leg (car accident) and haven't gotten it back yet. However, my kicking height has not decreased. I prefer to do the dynamic stretching he lists as I'm too lazy to get my full splits back :o)