Stretching to improve kicks

Ive just started kickboxing and I've noticed Ive got really poor flexibility in my legs which prevents me from kicking properly. Are there any stretching routines I can do everyday to improve my kicks? Thanks.

Are there any stretching routines I can do everyday to improve my kicks?whatever stretches you do.. remember (very important) to stretch them for 60 seconds. any duration under 45 will not stretch the connection of muscle/tendon because the muscle body is very elastic. but do not over stretch longer than 60 seconds at a time. you'll actually hamper your explosive power.Tudor Bompa (strength & conditioning god) recommends that to increase flexability you must stretch 2 x a day and each muscle must be stretched for 3 reps of 60 seconds. KK - I'm still looking for my stretching program and will email it to you ASAP!

60 seconds? Thats news to me, I always thought it was 15 seconds. I guess that's why I never get a significant increase in my flexibility :)

What kind of stretches should I be doing if I want to improve my kicks? Im guessing the splits would be a major one and probably sitting down touching your toes.

hamstrings, quads, calfs, hip flexors, ankles, abs, glutes..

The above posts are great!

Flexibility and ROM are also speed-specific. I can easily kick over head height, but I still feel lots of tension when I statically stretch in a similar fashion.

Controlled, but dynamic movements are another way to train ROM, and are perhaps more specific and realistic for kicking.

Voluntarily swing you legs forward, backward and to the side, work on really extending your leg as far as possible, with speed, but with control over the movement.

Weightlifting with deep squats and deadlifts can also help to increase ROM.

I ordered the book off of this site and it really helped out my stretching. I got my kicks well over head height (I'm 6'1") without warming up. And got all the way down to full splits. The guy knows what he's doing.

Skpotamus are you in any way, shape, or form affiliated with that website? and which book did you order?

NN, Nope, not at all, I'm a college student in Terre Haute, Indiana. I've just heard a lot of crap from other people about the books and vid's and I've found the exact opposite to be true.

I ordered the book"Stretching Scientifically" by Thomas Kurz. If you go and (shudder) buy a copy of Black Belt magazine, there are full page ads in it for his books and vids. Kurz is the guy that does the splits on a chair with a hottie on his legs, her feet off the ground. Looks kind of like a ripoff, it has all these testimonials of people that used it and got the full splits. I thought it was a crock......but one of the other guys at my old TKD school ordered the video way back when, and actually got to the full splits in about one month.

I've seen the video, and don't recommend it. The book has more info, and is cheaper. The vid is him showing a lot of workouts, with little explanations. The book has info on muscle and joint structures, the how and why to stretching. The guy is supposed to have some kind of degree in sports medicine, but I can't remember what.