Strickland Apologizes for Comments

Sean Strickland is apologizing for comments he made about the Professional Fighters League (PFL), but not about Kayla Harrison.

Harrison (13-0 MMA) squared off with Mokhnatkina (6-3 MMA) at PFL 3 in Arlington, Texas on May 6th. While the three round matchup went the distance, and Harrison earned a unanimous decision victory, it wasn’t her best showing.

Following the fight, it was Sean Strickland who decided to speak out about Kayla’s victory tweeting:

Harrison too acknowledged that the fight was not her best, speaking at the post-fight press interview saying:

“I think it (my performance) was utter dog crap. Sorry to the fans. I wanted to put on a better show for all of you. These girls are tougher than you think. I make it look easy sometimes, but other nights not so much.”

Strickland (25-3 MMA) is boasting 6 wins in a row, the latest coming against Jack Hermansson (22-7 MMA) in February of this year. The middleweight contender is returning to the Octagon for UFC 276 on July 2nd in a battle with Alex Pereira (5-1 MMA).

Taking to ‘Twitter‘ Sean Strickland made his (kind of) apology to the PFL (who he indicated was a scrub league) saying:
“I miss spoke about the PFL… I think Kayla is a glorified can crusher and the women’s league in the PFL needs some work… but there is some warriors in all other weight classes. The pfl needs to work harder in their female fighter roster.”

The Professional Fighters League is an American mixed martial arts league which was founded in 2018. The PFL roster includes 60 fighters competing across six weight classes.

Do you agree with Strickland’s comments about Kayla Harrison and her fight last Friday night? What are your thoughts on the Professional Fighters League?

Sean better be focusing on beating AP instead of popping off on Twitter, that dude’s tough and a guy who can kick his head off his shoulders. The way both are primarily stand up fighters this should make for a banger tho.


It may have clicked that his UFC contract isn’t for life, and pissing on possible future employers may not be a good career choice.
So, being a “to-the-death” kinda guy, he dick-tucked and apologized. :rofl:

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I doubt he’s hurting for money. He has a propane business to fall back on.


He’s right.
Raquel Pennington would beat Harrison’s ass

Sean better get his head right because in his next fight Pereira ain’t playing no games.

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Hahahah, hope everyone else got the joke

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Apologizing for tweets that may have went too far is a true psychopath move. What will this wild man do next?

Just you catching that makes it even better. Lol