Strikeforce Challengers vs. TUF

 Wouldn't it be great if Bisping vs. Miller was the last season of TUF?

With Zuffa's well documented back and forth with Spike, I could definitely see this as a possibility.

I think it would be awesome if they did somethign similar to Strikeforce Challengers, or even Bellator, where they had weekly events, featuring up and comers. They could easily adapt some kind of ranking or tournament style matchmaking to award top guys with better contracts or fights on a PPV card or something. 


This could give us a MMA version Friday Night Fights... and would be much better for a network tv deal, and for making it more of a "sport" to casual fans or even to new fans. Even if they used the same type of rules as Bellator to avoide long medical suspensions to keep the fighters active, it could be a great way to build prospects.



Cool story bro?