strikeforce on ppv?

is this on cbs or ppv? i could google it but id rather bring up my thread count.!!!

Showtime, playboy

were can i watch it on he internets?

you can order showtime and cancel it whenever you'd like, they will prorate the charge

but can i watch on the internet? for 25 bucks

anywhere sopcast maybe?


can someone pm me if they have a free link....thanx

DirecTV is offering it as a PPV for $24.95 on channel 120. But why anyone would do this besides just ordering Showtime is beyond me.

bj-J - were can i watch it on he internets? or


It's on Showtime but you can order PPV if you don't get showtime.  I would think a lot of bars have showtime to show boxing and MMM so you should be able to find it at a sports bar or Hooters, BWW's