Strikeforce:"Overeem will defend his HW title.."


Strikeforce: Alistair Overeem will defend his heavyweight title following K-1 event

There were more than a few eyebrows raised after the official line up was recently announced for the upcoming K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Final 16 — primarily because one of its participants was Alistair Overeem, current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion.

“Demolition Man” was forced to withdraw from his scheduled title defense against Fabricio Werdum at the August 15 “Carano vs. Cyborg” event in San Jose after re-aggravating a previous hand injury .

It was that same injury that booted him from the promotion’s June 6 card in St. Louis, where Andrei Arlovski (on loan from Affliction) stepped in to take his place to get creamed by Brett Rogers at 0:22 of the first round.

In light of the recent acquisition of famed heavyweight star Fedor Emelianenko, fans were beginning to get restless with no clear timetable for Overeem’s return, even calling for an interim title in his absence, much like they did for the middleweight strap when 185-pound champ Cung Le went Hollywood.

The Dutch striker has yet to defend his heavyweight crown after capturing it with a second round submission win over Paul Buentello way back in 2007. Overeem has since been employed in Japan, racking up a 3-0 record in MMA (1 NC) and a 1-1 record under the K-1 banner during that span.

Now he will return to K-1 to battle aging “Dutch Lumberjack” Peter Aerts on September 26 in Seoul, Korea.

When contacted by ( ), Strikeforce officials were happy to report that Overeem’s injuries have finally healed and that he will compete in the upcoming kickboxing bout as part of his existing contract with K-1.

Following that bout, as well as a planned fight for Golden Glory, Overeem is expected to return to Strikeforce to defend his title.

And with Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko all gunning for first dibs, don’t expect him to receive a very warm welcome.

EvilEye - not defending in 2 years is a fucking joke

Strikefarce is a joke

And this is why the UFC contracts are exclusive.

Granpa - And this is why the UFC contracts are exclusive.

yep yep yep

Granpa - And this is why the UFC contracts are exclusive.

lol @ "expected to"

the belt has been handled poorly. i hope he fights soon.

jobro - I like StrikeForce. I like Overeem too. Now, if they could just work together.

Strikeforce should've figured this out BEFORE they gave Overeem a title shot.

strikeforce 2007 with non-exclusive contracts = great business. fighters get to fight in japan and stuff while doing a show or two for SF

strikeforce 2009 with non-exclusive contracts = bad business. fighters get to fight in japan and stuff while doing a show or two for SF.

Card - 

lol @ "expected to"


he didn't even have a contract with them for much of that two years, you can't blame him for that

dunchurrn - he didn't even have a contract with them for much of that two years, you can't blame him for that

 No you can't blame him for that, however it does shine a big light on one of the problems associated w/ compromoting

How the hell does Fedor not fight for the title his first fight in strikefarce.

By leaving overeem as champ really looks bad for Fedor.

even the ufc would have put him in a title shot right away.

I would add my two cents but you guys pretty much got this thread locked up with truth so I'll just sit back

jay1220 - how is he going to pass the piss test???

by cycling off? is this really such a big mystery?

So I guess this has to be asked, exactly when and against  whom is he going to defend the belt??

Right now this "championship" has almost zero value to it. It hasn't been contested in almost two years while the ahem titleholder has been toying around in Japan and K-1. The only way to restore credibility to this title is for Overeem to defend it against a worthy challenger.

Now that being said the only two guys who can add any legitimicy to the belt are fighting each other in October or November and as I understand it that won't be for the title

So that means either A) He won't defend the belt until 2010, or B)His first title defense isn't even going to be against the real number one contender which makes it even more of a paper championship. I don't think you can even really justify Werdum as a viable opponent at this point considering that at best he's the number 4 heavyweight in Strikeforce and just recently pretty much got ran right out of the UFC.

Strikefarce is a joke

even if he really plans on fighting, K-1 is brutal he could easily get hurt again

 It's awesome that Alistair fought for the title in his first and only fight fight for Strikeforce, coming off back to back losses and an overall 1-2 record at heavyweight, but Fedor is not fighting for the belt in his first Strikeforce fight.


I think the casual fan of the sport has heard about Fedor and maybe seen him twice (sylvia/andre).... they will be asking this very same simple and yet obvious question..

"If Fedor is sooooo good, why is this not for the title?"

again, this looks bad for fedor and it does look like he is ducking... At least make this fight for the WAMMA LAMA DING DONG Title....