StrikeForce Undercards??where to watch.shown??

The main card for strikeforce doesnt come on untill 10pm? I assume depending how the main cards unfold, that a few undercards will be shown within the time allotted.

If the undercards are not shown, or the one I want to see isnt shown, where can I view the fight or at least get undercard results.

If you have a undercard top secret link that you dont want the other nerds to know about please jus PM me.

WAR Ryan Keenan over Hayden Hassan

Riggs vs Hieron at 9:05pm EST at I think you gotta buy a ticket to Miami for the rest of prelim fights.

bueller...anyone..bueller??? anyone??


Bwhahahahahahahaha @ trying to find a Strikeforce undercard. Only place you can see that is in the arena.

i think he is correct, even with the boisterous internet laughter.