Struggling.........MRSA is no fun!

Been out of training close to a month due to MRSA staph infection on my leg. Talked to dr yesterday and site of the infection is looking clean but there is still a hole there that needs to heal before getting back to the mats. Missing training and feel myself getting fat (older guy, weight comes on easy). Need some cheering up, anyone have any good matches they can post up?

also, this is my first thread but have been lurking for a while.

Good luck with your recovery - and for god's sake, buy some defense soap from Guy!!!

MRSA is not fun. Had a boil the size of a quarter on my left leg, hurt like a bitch. Phone Post

Thanks mang, Defense soap for sure. Been training 5 years or so and had not had an issue like this. Talking with the dr we narrowed down the spreading from an in grown nose hair that caused an infection in my nose. Your nose is full of Staph, so don't pick it.

Also, I meant to post this in the Atama BJJ training forum, but obviously don't know what I am doing.

You came out of two years of lurking to inform us that you got a massive infection from picking your nose.

Model UGer!

MattBenwa - Good luck with your recovery - and for god's sake, buy some defense soap from Guy!!!

^!! Phone Post

thank you bcolflesh, appreciate the compliment.

 best of luck and i also hope u have good insurance. i had regular staph and that was bad enough...

Damn dude, sorry to hear that. Good luck with the continued healing. Get yourself an indoor bike trainer or something to stay active in the mean time, unless they don't want sweat getting into the wound

that sucks dude.

I live in fear of MRSA all the time, haha.

Had a touch of it one time, and that was enough.

I had it bad about two years ago, my health insurance ran out and a week later I got MRSA. Finally got rid of it about two months later. Best wishes holmie

Thanks everybody for the well wishes. I have good insurance so that is a plus. I spoke to the dr about working out and he said I should be ok but keep it covered, just no grappling!

Anyone else got any horror stories (I have seen the Randleman pics)? Phone Post

Sub Phone Post

Pics or it didn't happen.

I am 37 years old, been training since I was 5 when I started wrestling and am just now suffering my first ever staph infection. It sucks monkey balls not being able to train.

No idea how or if I am able to post pics. I will try and get a link for a video showing the hole getting packed, that's always fun! Phone Post

 You won`t be able to post pics,so just copy & paste the URL & someone will probably help you out.

I've had staph twice. Fucking sucks!! Phone Post

Just because it is gross and it seems people here like to see this kind of stuff. Removing the packing last below.

Another, putting the gauze times.

Since I can't train right now anyone have any good videos of BJJ, sub wrestling or judo matches?

Good luck, mang! I have a wound on my back that my wife has to pack daily with a similar type of gauze. I had surgery to remove a fibrous tissue the size of an index finger. Pulling the gauze out is always gross. I hope you recover soon! Phone Post