Student dies after MMA workout

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Student dies after MMA training

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Seen.....ya beat me to it.


Probably a heart condition.

interesting that the article goes out of its way to state that he died after an "MMA workout" but doesn't say a thing about why he actually died

Most likely he would have died during any other sport training if it is indeed heart related and not Stroke/pl ache related.
In some case individuals can have stroke or heart attack do to trauma to the vasculature system that could be triggered by grappling which is a component of mma training that would not happen in other sporting events. \
If this was a heart related complication do to diseased heart it would have happened anytime when the heart rate became accelerated. Need to hear coroner's report

It will not be the downfall of fighting. There will always be more direct catastrophic injuries in High School sports than MMA. There have been more than 50 kids die in Highschool footbal practice and games since 1993.


I read that it was after a light sparring session. It did sound like any major trauma ocurred during the session. Seems more like some pre-existing condidtion. Either way it is a tragedy. RIP

RIP to my fellow Canuck