Sub detail question...

I have read some really remarkable detail some of you guys can provide on the actual results / effects of various submission holds.

Scott Sonnon and Quincy Rice are specifically worth noting. Their knowledge and descriptions of the body under pressure seem quite thorough.

Can anyone point me to where I can gain more knowledge in this area? What actually happens to the human body under the stress of a submission hold?

If anyone trains with either gentleman mentioned above, or someone else for that matter whose interest is the same, could you please have them post?

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"What actually happens to the human body under the stress of a submission hold?"


Xtreme martial arts :) j/k

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To get the answer, you might have to hook somebody up to a heart monitor and a few other devices.

I know what happens to my body during submissions . . .

It hurts. No monitor needed.

PJAY- there is a wHOLE thread on this XMA crap -check it out bro ..its funny tho but from a serious point of view tho .


thanks for some of the replies.

i realize that it "hurts", but I was looking for anatomical descriptions. You know, what tendons or ligs tear, what joints are dislocated, et cetera.

any others ?


These are research papers from but should be applicable to BJJ:

How Safe is Choking in Judo?

Deaths Allegedly Caused by the Use of "Choke Holds" (Shime-Waza)


And from

On Chokes

Emergency care for choke holds

Anatomy of a Choke

Check out Scott Sonnon's Arthrokinetics, volume 2.

He goes into detail on the differences between joint locks, sinew separations, etc.

Joint hyperfunction, disfunction, and submission are all discussed at length.


could you please give me the address for Arthrokinetics vol. 2?

Thanks for the choke stuff guys...