Sub guy instead of Nutritionist

If Ken would have gotten a Jujitsu or submission guy to help him coach and train his TUF 3 fighters, who could he have gotten or who do you think he should have gotten.

My answer is Frank Shamrock.

If Ken could've managed to get Frank, that would have been HUGE for the show and for the fans.

I heard somewhere they don't hang out much, though, so it was probably never an option.

Anybody would have done it for the exposure methinks. And Ken
SHOULD still do it.

Lets see, two of Ken's fighters have lost to subs and the only fighter on his team who has won counted subs as his A game.

So far nutrition hasnt won a single match.

Jerry Bolander or Erik Paulson.

Billy Rush would of been good....Oh wait Dan Freeman does the exact same thing Billy Rush does.

Ken is a submission guy but mostly a leglock man. If Tito can bring in an interpreter, there shouldn't be a problem for Ken to bring in someone else, like an interpreter who just happened to be a black belt in jujitsu. LOL


Erik Paulson or Matt Hume

Tony Cecchine or Billy Wicks.


Ken gave my brother his left-over sushi once before a Pride show in Japan.

True story.

My point?

ken is more of a brawler and leglock man, he's not very good at jiu jitsu

He should have brought in fellow Team Shamrock member and ROTR tournament Champion Jake Shields. Ken's team would have been undefeated up to this point.

Ken's last leglock victory was over Kimo in 1996.

Bart Vale

Shammy should have had Matt Furey channel the ghost of Farmer Burns.

Some of the fighters in TUF 3 has better subs than Ken. But there are others who can benefit, even if it is just to defend the subs. Who knows.

But Matt Hume would have been a good choice. But i'm guessing that he is way too busy and also involve with PRIDE.

i was surprised he didn't bring back any of the old school Lions Den. Mezger, Burnett, Tra, Williams, they'd all be better than the nutritionist.

I think the guys on his team will learn enough from each other. As for Ken, well, he is more of a brawler and leglock man; he's not very good at jiu-jitsu.

I have yet to see that nutritionist say anything on camera since the first episode. I'm guessing that there are some clips of him but probably wasnt any good and does not fit in with what's happening in the show.