Submission 101 Chapter 2 Review

I got this DVD last night and thought I would give my review.  First, I think this is the best production quality that I have seen in a submission or jiu-jitsu video.  The quality is really great.  Also, they have several big name competitors so you get to see top guys pulling their favorite moves.  There is a wide range of subs from armbars, chokes, leg locks, toeholds.  I definitely saw some setups that I hadn’t seen before.  I also really liked how they divided the DVD.  There is a section for Gi Submission, No Gi Submission, then they have it subdivided to show either gi or no-gi arm locks, leg attacks, chokes, etc. 

The only 2 things that I didn’t really like about the DVD were the music selection and the slow motion replays.  I’m sure music selection is a tough thing because you are not going to please everyone but it definitely wasn’t my type.  I guess I would describe it as kind of garage band punk.  The music on the gi portion got a little better, a little harder.  My other gripe was that after every submission they replay the exact same thing in slow motion.  I kind of found this annoying.  If there is a 2 min sequence of a setup and submission then you get 4 min of the slow motion replay of what you just watched.   

            So my conclusion is I would give this DVD a thumbs up.  Excellent production quality, very nice organization of the DVD, top competitors showing great setups and submission.  Only gripes were the music selection and the slow motion replays.


thanks for being honest. I'm still gonna get it on payday!

I liked the soundtrack. =)

all the old instructionals used to get ripped because of the slow mo replays.
i really hate those also

That reminds me.

Ralph Gracie's first series that was made years ago was EXCELLENT, but also had the most horrible unbelieveably long and slow motion replays. Its like you had to fast forward the slow motion in order to get the right speed for slow motion. hehe. Other than that, his instructionals were great.

Hey Rodeney!

Thanks for the thumbs up! After the last 101 people said we didn't
show enough of the setups before the sub. Now we did too much!

You can never win. If you don't like the music try the voice overs!

Thanks for the review!


Great DVD! The production quality of the DVD is amazing. Every fight is so crisp you almost feel like you were at that event.

I like the soundtrack when I am watching alone or with my team, I have to hit the mute button when I am watching it with my do you access the alternate commentary and is the commentary PG?

Another great effort by the ON THE MAT crew!



I think you guys did a really good job on the DVD.  I like the amount of time shown before the sub so you can really see the setup.  I just didn't really like the slow mo replays afterwards.  I'm going to go see if I can figure out how to switch it to commentary. 

PS.  How many DVD's do you own Alvis.  You seem to have all the cool stuff.  :) 

LOL at the commentary being PG...actually PG, just not so PC


I will tell you at the tournament on the 22nd.


How do you get to the alternate commentary?


First one is a family fav (I've memorized which matches contain songs that curse), I'll need to pick this up too.

fixed match? what do you mean?

I tried to switch the music to commentary but couldn't figure it out.  Anyone know how to do this? 


On your remote push the audio button, it will show 2 audio, select 2 audio track.

audio button ?

I just didnt like the heavy metal stuff. Gracie's rap song was by far the best one on the whole thing. I was in the video...just not getting the submission or tapping out just chillin in the background.

wait, so what you're saying is that some BJJ competition matches are works? WTF??? This is not Pride...