Submission of the Year Award!

Since absolutely everything gets an award these days, how about the Submission of the Year? Now I am not talking about a specific occurence (Gomi/Diaz gogo), instead the submission itself.

Two submissions seem to stand out from 2007, albeit they are highlighted by two big matches I think they were prominent in regards to poularity anyhow:

The Gogoplata and the Brabo Choke

If I had to pick one I would have to say that the gogoplata created the most buzz last year.

What say you UG?

The Undertaker brought the gogo to new heights.

Brabo Choke... It seems every new guy and their uncle is trying this at every NAGA, GQ and fight these days.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS MOVE, but it defiantly got "cool" and popular last year big time.

You gotta admit...the brabo is a sweet choke.

darce has come into the light recently. maybe not being finished but alot more people are looking for it. i think grove finished belcher with it too.

Dos Huevos Gigante - The Undertaker brought the gogo to new heights.

 He sure did!!!

Saw some gogo attempts at a tournament recently, didn't see any finish though.