Submission specialists

Who do you think was pre dominantly a specialist at certain submissions in MMA? I'll get it started and state the obvious with Palhares and his heel hooks. Phone Post 3.0

Paul Sass triangles. Phone Post 3.0

Minotauro - anaconda choke

There's some chick that does arm bars.

Alpha Males and the Guillotine. Phone Post 3.0

Mike Easton has been known to pull off a move that makes everyone gag. Phone Post 3.0

Pettis is a beast on the mat and is very technical with all submissions. Phone Post 3.0

Cody McKenzie (duh)


Fedor belly-down armbar

JonesStoleDC'sOlympicRibbonAndWentLOCO -

Chael Sonnen, Triangle choke...I hear it's NASTY!

Too soon bro. Phone Post 3.0

Pequeño Nogueira- guillotine.

Marcin held for leg stuff at lw Phone Post 3.0

Thalee letes has a sick arm triangle Phone Post 3.0

Luke rockhold has a nasty Kimura Choke Phone Post 3.0

Jacare - arm triangle
Shayna baszler - shwing (leg Nelson chicken wing)
Megumi Fujji - everything, especially toe hold
Hazelet - modified armbar/ omoplata
Übereem - guillotine
Rani yahya - north south choke
Milton vierria - different arm triangles
Palhares - heel hook
Rhonda - arm bar
Rickson - arm bar
Big nog - anaconda
Bj penn - rnc
Joe Stevenson - guillotine Phone Post 3.0

Imanari and his leg locks. 

Wifespowerbottom -
Casual Kiwi - Luke rockhold has a nasty Kimura Choke Phone Post 3.0
Best chokes are kimura chokes Phone Post 3.0
He is Jordanesque in his ability to pull it off!!! Phone Post 3.0

Some Von Flue guy was good at something I think.. Phone Post 3.0

Bret Hart - Sharp Shooter

Dustin Hazelett with all kinds of weird submissions Phone Post 3.0