Sugestion for the Forum Owners

Please allow the use of the "ignore" function for the black namers.

I believe it will help the moderators, diminishing the number of fights between members.


demoness, if you pay for it, I`ll buy it.

I have no reasons to do that with you, demoness.

I hate you all. But that's ok.


lol @ Donna Troll....trolling every BJJ and MMA forum she can find, and never stopping all of her complaints.

Donna, do you send Kirik 100 emails a day complaining and crying abut people you don't like?

Love the site, its a pleasure to pay for a blue name. Good for the fans of the sport.

Love the site, its a pleasure to pay for a blue name. Good for the fans of the sport.

There "is" a select all function it`s just called check all.

They are right Donna! over 3k posts? Do you know how cheap a membership is?! Damn! If I spent that much time here, I would get one for sure. Right now, I hardly use it, so it really isn't worth it for me, although I should probably do it to support Kirik anyway.

ryan is correct

US$30 = R$90. That is a lot of money for me, and I can´t afford it. I really don´t think it is cheap.

I am just that cheap!

It's definitely not cheap for us brazilians. R$90,00 is a lot of money for an internet forum (minimum wage here is R$260,00 so you do the math)

"LOL @ paying $30 for a site that has tons of downtime and a pro-censorship policy."

If you have such a low opinion of the site, why are you even here at all?

8 cents a day. Obviously you are getting enough out of it to keep coming back. Enough to have made almost 2500 posts. If your little conclusions get you through the guilt and let you sleep at night, fine.

I only need a better job...

US$30 = R$90! Guys, sometimes living in another country , the money exchange is quite different. That would be a chunk of money to come up with when you have living expenses that come first.......



Who gives a shit if one cannot afford a membership to an internet site. Why should anyone give a crap?

There are a lot of ways to make that extra 90 in Brazil..

“US$30 = R$90”

That is only the currency; it says nothing about how much US $ 30 is worth in a specific country, and how much cost of living is. In Norwegian currency that is 210 Nkr (US$30 = 210 Nkr), but in Norway still most things are more expensive than in the US. It is not like something costing 30 US dollar costs 30 Nkr here if the prize level is the same it would cost 210 Nkr, but sadly most things are more expensive so in many cases 300 Nkr.