Suggestions Bolo?


Any recommendations of your instructionals for a white belt? Little experience, but not a lot.

I'd love to get the "Pin Escapes" but can't right now. Probably need to stay under $100.

I'm leaning toward the "Ultimate Guard 1: The Basics". Wish you had it on DVD.

I have J. Moreira's "Passing the Guard" series. Kind of thinking about your "Ultimate Guard Passing 1: The Basics", too.

Or maybe even "Ultimate Mount Escapes 1".

I hope to eventually get them all if I like them as well as the reviews on here suggest.

I'm currently reading over the reviews now.

Do you have any thoughts on what I should get? I would say that I equally suck at about all of them, so.... :-)

In my opinion, the two most important things to get better at when you're starting BJJ, are side mount escapes and guard passing, in that order. So I would get Pin Escapes first and then Ultimate Guard passing. Just my opinion, but I recall Roy Harris saying the same thing sometime ago and pretty much every experienced forum member will say something similar. Get this stuff, practise it, and you will suck no more ;)

Pin escapes and guard passing are core skills that you will always need to work on and Bolo's tapes/dvds actually present good info that will serve you well as a white belt all the way to black belt. Any of Bolo's escape sets are great. I agree that pin escapes or passing the guard are probably the most important, but mount escapes and back escapes rate pretty high as well. If you have a solid foundation in escaping and can pass through most people's guards, then every other aspect of bjj will be much easier.

Get the guard passing DVD, it is the best single instructional on the market.

I would suggest my Ultimate Guard Passing 1.