Summer Heat, Valdosta, 6/8






Corsey, I think this makes number 4,

OK, I'll be there for sure!

TTT For John Davis and John Cofer

Congrats on your win Weez

Good Luck to Kamrin Naville i hope he whoops the shit out of Jason Barret. Also good luck to John Davis and Brett Chism.

Has Josh Hancock ever won a mma fight? I am not being mean- just asking.

I do believe he KOed Shaun last summer blake

Hancock has withdrawn and Shaun is fighting a member of the Tallahassee Fight Club.

Jason Barrett by quick submission. TTT for Team Reality.

I think that may be the fight of the night.


I wish I could be there to see Kamrin and Jason fight...that's going to be explosive! Good luck to everybody!


I'm trying to get my girlfriend to go but she's not sure about it. lol


Would you PLEASE stick around for the after party (it will be there at the venue) and introduce yourself to me????

BTW: We are in a different venue this time.  Here are directions.

Good call,thanks,I'd have shown up at the old location! lol Will do,wanted to last time but you were scampering around like a jack rabbit trying to do 20 different jobs it seemed,didn't want to bother you. I think I've conned my girlfriend into going. :) I look foreward to meeting you James, good luck to your fighters...unless they're fighting my hometown Tallahassee fighters that is! :)

Well shit on a stick. I thought the poster on page 1 said doors open at 8:15, not 6:15, it was fuzzy on my monitor,it's close to 7:00 already, took us a few to get it together after work,thought the event started at 9:00.

Damn it James I was really looking foreward to meeting you and attending another of your super events,I'm really burned up here! I hope everything goes great and you have another bang-up event,some day perhaps we'll actually meet! lol I'll be hell-bent to attend the next one for sure, can't believe I misread that. Looking foreward to hearing the results!