Sumo photos!!


Check out my recent photos from the Sumo Grand Tournament in Fukuoka Japan

i have 3 other galleries there also, Ring Girls of Montreal, Nak Muay and The Young Fighters of Thailand.

Cool. I'm a photographer too, so I can appreciate these.

thanks for the link, Sumo was actually a lot more interesting and complex than i expected. I saw wicked throws. I will post more photos on my website eventually.


Here are a few...




I see the venue sold out. (jk)

Okay, serious question. If you took the top sumo wrestler and put him up against the top HW freestyle, Greco Roman, and Judo guys, does he maul all of them under sumo rules?

Does sumo allow for throws and things like that where the Judo player would have some weapons? Phone Post 3.0


thanks for posting some samples.

ha, it was empty until about 14:00 then got really busy. If you check the link, you will see a full audience for the more important matches. I was also there on day 2 of 15.

im not a sumo expert but a lot of the guys were very flexible and im sure they have great balance. I would think a double or single would be very hard to get. Not all of them were obese, some looked like power lifters! There was some nice judo-like throws also. I gained a new respect for the sport.

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Thanks !

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Here are a few...




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wow. honestly amazing photos

Cool TTT. Thanks for posting OP.