Sunday Night PPV reduces buys?

Although I am a noted UFC supporter, I can say with all honesty that Pride 31 is about as good a card as UFC 57 was. That is to say, neither card is that great, but both are passable. However, I won't be buying Pride 31 whereas I did buy UFC 57. Why is that? Because of the Sunday night factor. Nobody wants to watch a PPV on a Sunday night. There's no way I'm gonna be able to drag my friends over to my place to watch MMA (which they're already somewhat ambivalent about) on a Sunday night. If the card were truly stellar, I'd just plunk down the cash and watch myself, but quite frankly, it isn't.

Of course, Pride doesn't give a fuck because American PPV buys are probably 0.01% of their revenue. Still, though, I was just curious, how many other people have felt this same phenomenon? Do you think this puts a dent in their American PPV numbers?

The average American viewer doesn't go for tape delay. We are spoiled and use to being catered to in our viewing so when we have to watch it on a time delay from somewhere else we just aren't interested. I am sure Pride puts on a fine show and would most likely buy it if it were live. Hell that is part of the draw for UFC is that I know it is happening as I watch.

I didn't mention the live versus tape delay issue in my post but that definitely factors in to the excitement level as well.

You're right that the US market is used to being catered to. They held the Tszyu/Hatton fight at 3 AM in Manchester so that American viewers could watch it in prime time.

Sunday night isn't really a problem. Midnight on a Sunday night is a problem. I am probably going to Tivo it and have people over on Monday night.

Well yea, that's the point. My friends would be down to hang out Sunday, but getting home at 1 AM doesn't really appeal to most of them when they have to get up at 7:30 the next morning, especially when they're marginal MMA fans, not diehards.

Holy shit I just realized that you were literally saying that the PPV starts at midnight for In Demand viewers. That is insane.

Yes it is insane. The US market is an afterthought for Pride. And no way will I be drinking coffee at 2AM just to watch another mismatch.

Seriously, FUCK THAT.

i don't like tape delay, and i don't really like Sunday night PPVs either. i have to stay up late and then get up early the next day for work. they might as well have it on a Thursday or something

I've always wondered why they do that. Even when it's on a long tape delay, sometimes they'll still air it on Sunday night.

My only guess is that Sunday PPV time is cheaper for them. They've probably done the research to know how many buys they'll get by airing on Saturday or Sunday night, and it still ends up cheaper airing on Sunday. Total guess though.